Eden Warsaw – The Cave, Toronto – Canadian Music Week 2016 – May 7th

The Lazys (Acoustic) – The Supermarket, Toronto – Canadian Music Week 2016 – May 6th

Ria Mae – The Garrison, Toronto – Canadian Music Week 2016 – May 5th

Demi Louise – The Central, Toronto – May 4th – Canadian Music Week 2016

Photos: New Kids On The Block – Air Canada Centre,Toronto – June 28, 2015

Interview With Crystalyne


Kat: Who is Crystalyne?

Marissa: Crystalyne is Justin, Scotty, Josh, and Marissa.

Kat: What’s your favorite part about the video for “Never Look Back”? Did anything fun/crazy/ridiculous happen while filming it?

Marissa: Personally, my favorite part is the pinata scene. When we were filming it, I was trying sooooo hard to break the pinata. I was blindfolded and couldn’t see where I was swinging, not to mention I have scrawny chicken arms. I looked like a sloth flailing my arms around. In the end, I decapitated the poor pinata, and none of the candy fell out… the body pretty much landed on all fours and I had to stomp on it to get to the candy.

Kat: What do you hope your fans will take from the video/song? Is there a specific message you’re trying to get out?

Marissa: The song itself was written about a time in my life where I was really unhappy and needed a change. I was in a relationship where I felt like I wasn’t allowed to make my own decisions. All I wanted was to find myself as an artist, but most importantly, as a person. I decided it was time to move on and “never look back”. The phrase was meant to erase any doubt within myself about my choice I’d made.
I feel like everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting to start over, and as a band, we really wanted to get across to our friends/fans that change is possible, and that it can be a positive thing. The video was structured in a way that shows the main character (played by myself), moving on from a former love and being totally okay with it. It shows that even with change, a person can be happy. The whole point of the song/video is to encourage people to do what is right for themselves.

Kat: If you had a reality show what would it be called? And why?

Marissa: That’s a tough question!! Hmmm… I think if the band had a reality show I’d call it something like “The Risks”. We have a song called “Navigate” and there’s a line in the song that sings “navigate the risk”. If the show followed our personal lives and our band lives, it would ultimately show us “navigating” through the different obstacles that life throws our way.

Kat: If you could scream 1 thing to the masses, what would it be?


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