Exclusive: An Interview With Rising Pop/R&B Artist Alexis Lynn

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By: Kat Harlton

Vancouver-based, pop/R&B artist Alexis Lynn recently released her debut single Promises. A co-write, Alexis says the track shares a love of  “Similar experiences where we knew people who made promises they couldn’t keep. People who are big talk but don’t really follow through with any action, both in friendships and relationships.” She says she looks to strong female artists for inspiration “I would say I’m really into Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, Bille Holiday and that kind of stuff. I also really love Alicia Keys, and Rihanna, I like a lot of hip hop as well.”

Alexis has been making waves in the industry well before the official release of any music. Professionally launching her career in 2015, Alexis won “Best Original Song” and “Audience Favourite” at The Star Experience Songwriting Competition. On the heels of her win, Alexis was a top 10 finalist for the “She’s The One” competition at Ottawa Bluesfest and was also one of 10 acts chosen to perform at the Launch Festival in Vancouver. She was also honored as a 2016 Fraser Valley Award Nominee. For someone with so much success at such a young age, she’s already learned that every artist needs to discover their own process and find ways to stay true to themselves “Someone once told me to just keep writing because you’re always just one song away from ‘the song’, and I think that’s just a cool idea in general because you never know where that song could come from. I would tell others to be authentic to themselves and being willing to show that, because that’s what people love about their favorite artists, is their individuality.”


Splitting time between Toronto and Vancouver, Alexis holds her philanthropy work very close to her heart actively volunteering with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Vancouver Downtown Eastside community. “The homeless cause for me started when I was young, it struck me as a cause that always actively needed help and I don’t think you lose anything by helping someone else. It’s a natural and human thing to do, to help other people who are less fortunate, so that’s a big one for me. When I was in high school, we’d go downtown east side and make care packages or work with restaurants that gave back as well. I think giving what you can or just volunteering makes a big difference. I know a lot of people don’t have the resources to give so just offering to help serve a meal is an easy way to give back.”

To discover more about Alexis Lynn visit: https://www.alexislynnmusic.com

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