Exclusive: An Interview With Canadian Country Artist Lisa Nicole

Award-winning Canadian country music artist Lisa Nicole is excited to announce the release of “Mad About It” to Canadian radio along with an accompanying music video in conjunction with a tour that will take her from Kootenays to Toronto before winding up in Nashville.

“Mad About It” – co-written by Lisa Nicole and Olivia Wik – is the third radio single from Lisa Nicole’s award-nominated 2016 EP, Come Find Me.

“It’s not in my nature to get mad, so developing this song and its video brought out my feisty side. Listeners will relate to the anger of being cheated on, but I think they will be equally inspired by the empowerment that comes from dealing with it and moving on,” says Lisa Nicole.


The last two and a half years have offered Lisa Nicole a continual career upswing. After winning the 2015 BC Country Music Association and Music BC-sponsored Artist Development Project, she earned a songwriting trip to Nashville and an opportunity to work with acclaimed producers Tom McKillip (Aaron Pritchett) and artist-producer Carly McKillip (One More Girl) which resulted in her EP Come Find Me in 2016.

A true independent artist, Lisa Nicole supported the release of Come Find Me with her own coast-to-coast Canadian tour before a trip to Nashville in April of 2017 allowed her to realize one of her lifelong dreams – singing an impromptu duet of “We Were Us” on stage with country music icon, Keith Urban, at pop-up concert in Music City. It was an experience that only increased her drive to succeed by doing what she loves.

“It has inspired me beyond words. Every time I see the video of us singing together, I still can’t believe that it actually happened,” she says.

Inspired by Keith Urban, Lisa Nicole will take “Mad About It” on the road for live shows in Western Canada and Washington State including Sun Peaks (February 2nd), Trail (February 9th), Colville (February 10th), Banff (February 16th and 17th), and Calgary (February 19th). She’ll then head to Thunder Bay (February 23rd and 24th) and return to Toronto (February 27th), where she enjoyed a 2017 showcase for Canadian Music Week.


From March through June, Lisa Nicole will settle in Nashville for weekly shows at The Row. During her extended stay in Nashville, Lisa Nicole plans to immerse herself in the songwriting and musicianship of Music City before returning to Canada with an arsenal of new material and life experience.

As for a reunion duet with Keith Urban, she says, “Let’s put it this way – if Keith Urban wants to sing with me again, I won’t get mad about it.”

“Mad About It” is available on iTunes and Spotify as a single or as part of Lisa Nicole’s Come Find Me EP.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Lisa Nicole to discuss the role of women in the music industry, songwriting and her new single ‘Mad About It’

Kat: Could you talk about the inspiration behind your single “Mad About It”?

LN: The inspiration behind “Mad About It” came from true events of unfortunately being cheated on. But something good can come out of a bad situation, right? It inspired me to write “Mad About It.” We put in a few lyrics in there for fun that weren’t exactly true per say, like “shotgun draggin in the ground” but that’s why I love songwriting. I also wanted to put something out a bit different, so I love how our hook turned out, the “ma-a-a-ad about it” .

Kat: What is your song writing process like?

LN: The song writing process is different every time! Co-writing is my favourite. I love it because you feed off each other. I always go into a writing session with a list of titles, one-liners, and ideas. Depending on who I’m writing with, we usually start with a few chords and find a melody that fits. As it goes along, chords and melodies are changed as needed. The unique part about “Mad About It” is that I wrote this song in 2014 and have really worked the form until we recorded it.

Kat: Could you speak a little on your musical idols or role models?

LN: I definitely have a few role models in my life that I look up to. One special person I look up to for advice ALL the time is who I call my “band mom” – Tonnie Stewart. We met when I was 15 when she started giving me vocal lessons. She is an amazing musician! A musical idol I don’t mention a lot is Taylor Swift. You usually hear me talk about Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. Taylor is a musical genius. Her song writing is incredible. I will always be a Swiftie!

Kat: What was it like to be invited up on stage and sing with Keith Urban?

LN: A dream come true! Literally! When he said “alright, come on up”, in my mind I was thinking “Oh my gosh, is this really happening?” When we started chatting on stage, it still felt so surreal. I had to hold back tears. When we were singing, he looked into my eyes a lot and I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I was really singing that song to Keith Urban.” It was just incredible.

Kat: Have you ever been given any advice in regards to your music career that you felt you really connected with or made an impact?

LN: Oh, this is a great question!Last year at the CCMAs, I was in a “Women in the Music Industry” panel and a couple of topics came up. One was about women taking time off to have a family and the other was the perception that a female artist should appear “single”. There’s always a feeling of judgement that when you say, “I’m getting married”, the industry will automatically think “Oh, she’s giving up”. The same as with having a family. The women in this panel really made me feel enlightened about the fact that there is absolutely no reason to feel bad about a choice like getting married or having a family because those are two really great experiences of life.


Kat: What’s on your playlist right now?

LN: Some may not know, but I am totally a EDM fan! I think Julia Michaels is great.From the Pop side – Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and of course Taylor Swift are all great. All of those artists are incredibly talented with their song writing. I like to listen to these artists when I’m driving or working out. My other driving artist is Miranda Lambert. I could listen to every album of hers from front to back, all day!

Kat: What can your fans expect from you next?

LN: Another great song! I will be spending the next 5 months immersed in Nashville, writing and singing. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this trip. I am hoping to co-write an entire EP as I love sharing my own real stories. In the meantime, they can keep up with my Nashville adventures @LisaNicoleMusic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit me at LisaNicoleMusic.com!

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