Actor Jonathan Neil Alexander Opens Up About New Role In Guillermo del Toro’s “Cabinet Of Curiosities” For Netflix

Kat Harlton

Actor Jonathan Neil Alexander is set to appear in the new highly anticipated horror anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo del Toro now streaming on Netflix. Bizarre nightmares unfold in eight tales of terror in this visually stunning, spine-tingling horror collection.

I had the opportunity to chat with Jonathan Neil Alexander who is set to appear as Doyle, a tight lipped, observant art student at Miskatonic University – a lover of tradition he attends a school boasting of privilege, not having been born into it, he works diligently to sustain the status quo.

Kat: You portray Doyle in the new highly anticipated horror anthology series “Cabinet of Curiosities” by Guillermo del Toro. How did you prepare for your role? 

Jonathan: I actually talked with Keith Thomas, our director for like an hour on zoom when I got the job. He is such an actor’s director and so story driven I was astonished – he was a literal dream to work with. He cares so deeply about the story and yet somehow remains so open to collaboration. 

Kat: Did you find any commonalities between yourself and Doyle? 

Jonathan: Definitely. I think it’s the actor’s job to somehow find the truth within themselves and link it to what the character wants most. It’s all a big empathy game. Linking the understanding of what they are going through and what that feels like – and then sometimes it feels like you have to get out of your own way as an actor and a person and let the character do the fighting. 

Kat: Was there anything about your role that was particularly challenging? 

Jonathan: Not one moment. The entire experience was a dream. Being a part of a project this big with some of the most seasoned creatives in the industry was nothing but awesome the entire time. The guys I play around the most, Ben Barnes, Thom Nyhuus and Seamus Patterson were all super chill, great guys to work with, professional and lovely at the same time. I mean when there aren’t just one but several Oscar winners involved in the day to day of the production, it’s a different kind of smooth. 

Kat: What have been some of your favorite scenes to shoot and why? 

Jonathan: There’s one particular scene, I won’t go into details but it kind of invites everyone into the world of the story and I was so amazed while we were shooting. We were on a practical location and the set design was so incredible. I was enthralled with the setting the entire time. You’ll see when you watch! 

Kat: What do you hope fans take away from your character and/or this season of the show? 

Jonathan: I hope they can take away a sense of curiosity in others and in how others offer themselves to the world. 

Kat: Is there a type of character that you’d like to portray, that you haven’t had the chance to yet? 

Jonathan: Totally! I’d love to do something really physical. I played sports growing up and have always been pretty active so I’d love to use some of that training in a project. 

Kat: What’s next? 

Jonathan: I just finished working on a really fun holiday movie with Hallmark coming out this December and then I head out in a couple weeks to join the second season of a show shooting out in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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