Selling Your Crafts Online: 3 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


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Are you good at making crafts? Do you think there might be a market for what you’re making? More and more people are buying handmade crafts and supporting local artists to live more sustainably and be kinder to the environment by cutting down on air miles and pollution from transporting goods.

There are many ways to sell your crafts online, and it can take some time to find what works best for you. Here are some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and practices to make the most of selling your crafts online.

1. Market Your Craft

You’ll want to market yourself and your product, even if you choose to sell on sites like Amazon, ArtFire, or Etsy, where you can set up a virtual storefront. Providing email subscriptions can boost your sales and help you gain a fan base. Email subscriptions are as simple as you want them to be. You have to put yourself out there when you have your own business!

You can include tutorials, fun finds, or uplifting messages in your emails and send them out as often as you wish! You could have an email subscription that goes monthly, weekly, or even daily. It’s about what works best for you, but consistency will increase your subscribers.

E-commerce is predicted to make up 21.8% of total retail sales worldwide by 2024. Ensure you can keep up with inventory, adequate work space, and a strategy for shipping and returns for your handmade business. You’ll also want excellent customer service to keep your customers coming back.

2. Market On Social Media

Social media has become the marketing guru for craft makers everywhere! Integrate your social media platforms into your marketing strategy to boost sales and engagement with your followers. There are many social media platforms you can use to interact and connect with other sellers and buyers.

You can use social media to sell your crafts online, like Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shop, Pinterest, and Craigslist. These are excellent marketing tools for your business, even if you don’t make a lot of money from sales on them. Use marketing tactics like hashtags to attract people to your posts and bring awareness to your products.

Social media sites can help you build a following and increase customer engagement. You can find your target audience and gauge what they want to buy by finding creative ways to gain more friends or followers and taking votes, making polls, or putting question boxes on your stories. Gen Z loves some polls, so if that’s where your audience lies, get them to answer some questions!

3. Do Your Thing

Find your niche and don’t let anyone sway you from doing what you love! Whether your crafts are wooden projects like bathtub trays or hand-knitted blankets, stick with why you started trying to sell crafts online in the first place. What makes your craft unique and special? What will make people want to buy goods from you rather than anyone else?

Figure out the answers to those questions and then focus on them to improve your work. Whether your work is seasonal, like Halloween or Christmas decor, or you prefer to sell homemade food items, your niche can help you maximize your sales and decrease your efforts to make so many products.

There are many ways you can find your niche for your business. Once you pick a focus for your work, you have a specialty and can become a guide for others. You could even teach your niche if you want! There are many online teaching programs you could sign up for, or you could start a YouTube channel.

If you have a few specialties, experiment with customer engagement or ask your loved ones what you do best so you can gauge others’ opinions. You can then tailor your niche to your target audience and know what will sell the best and to whom.

Selling Your Crafts Online

Selling your crafts online can be overwhelming and intimidating at first, but don’t let that stop you! It’s actually pretty fun once you find your niche, choose your platform, and gain some followers on social media. It’s all strategy, so make a plan and stick with it to see results.

Don’t let anyone stand in your way – e-commerce anticipates significant profits in the coming years, so maximize your efforts and get to crafting!

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