Design Tip: How To Style Your Bed Like A Pro



Even a small, minimal bedroom can bring peace of mind and relaxation at the end of your day. Style your bed like a pro by choosing your favorite relaxing color and then work from there with a monochromatic palette. Make sure to add lots of pillows and throws as a finishing touch to really make your bed your sanctuary.


Start with a monochromatic palette or tonal shades of a color. Don’t be afraid to experiment with added pops of color, and add texture with a quilt or duvet.

Cozy Factor

Pile on pillows starting from the headboard: sleep pillows, decorative shams, and then accent pillows. Play with scale, pattern, texture and shapes in the same palette. Also make sure to add a fluffy duvet for that extra cozy factor.

Finishing Touches

Drape a throw or blanket at the foot of the bed for added warmth and textural contrast. Or if you have room, a small bench at the foot of the bed with extra pillows and throws.

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