Design Tip: How To Style Your Desk



Even a small, dedicated work space can bring peace of mind and organization to your day. Brighten up your work area with a task lamp and flowers. Plus make sure to add personal touches and items that inspire like wall art, family photos and hand-crafted decor.


Start with lighting. Lighting is super important so you don’t strain your eyes while working. You can try an always cool task lamp, or add in some flair with a sculptural table lamp.


Take inventory of what desk essentials you use everyday. Corral desk essentials with a pencil holder, file organizer, boxes or a decorative tray. Think rattan, terrazzo, concrete or acrylic.


Bring in the plants! Whether real or fake add a potted plant or two, or some succulents to bring life to your work space.

Don’t Ignore The Wall

Add your favorite art, wall organizers for clipping messages and photos, a gallery wall of photos that inspire or floating shelves.

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