Preview: “A Love To Remember” A UPTV Original Movie


By: Kat Harlton
All Media Courtesy of  UP Entertainment 

Premiere: Sunday, April 11 at 7pm ET
Stars:  Rhiannon Fish, Edward Ruttle

About The Movie:

After a year of interacting exclusively online, Tenley, an eco-conscious horticulturist, finally works up the courage to meet her online crush, Jared. When Jared doesn’t show because of a bike accident, Tenley gets mistaken for his wife at the hospital. Soon, she’s forced to keep the lie up with Jared’s entire family and his annoyingly charming best friend, Everett in order to save Jared’s company.

One thought

  1. In A LOVE TO REMEMBER, Jared’s mom calls Tenley “Petal”. Did I miss something explaining why!!

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