Preview: “Christmas Matchmakers” A ION TV Original Movie

Kat Harlton
All Media: Ion Television

Cast:  Vivica A. Fox, Anna Marie Dobbins, Andrew Philip Rogers, Tracy Nelson, Dorian Gregory

Synopsis:  It’s the week after Thanksgiving when Jen, a personal assistant, and Jon, an advertising exec, happen to sit next to each other in the food court and bond over mutual problems with their bosses. After complaining that they have no time for their personal lives, they come up with an elaborate plan to have their bosses date in order to get more time for their own Christmas vacations. As the two become closer and their plan begins to show signs of life, it turns out that Jen and Jon may just be the perfect match for each other.

One thought

  1. Christmas Matchmakers: more episodes to come? If not, then what a disappointing outcome for the matchmakers! Too sad for a holiday movie.

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