The Elwins-Beauty Community-Album Review

By: Nerhys Hall

Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and listen to some fun, upbeat pop. The Elwins’ latest album offers just that. Beauty Community features plenty of funky and danceable pop tunes while also including some slower, softer, and more introspective tracks.

Interestingly, one song, “Your Very Own Beauty Community”, is entirely instrumental.
Mixed into The Elwins’ pop sound are distinct hints of other genres, making their music interesting to listen to. For example, “Hey! Ya, You” sounds gritty and funky and “Grind You Down” is smooth and jazzy.

Also, included in their arsenal of sounds are softer and more gentle songs such as the drum-focused “Hocus Pocus”. Let’s not forget about the highly danceable tracks, either. “Don’t Walk Away From Me” and “Never Felt So Good” will have you dancing along no matter where you are.

Without a doubt, The Elwins are bringing pop music to a whole new level.

Beauty Community Tracklist
01. Hey! Ya, You
02. Don’t Walk Away From Me
03. OMG
04. Hocus Pocus
05. Dreamgirl
06. Looks Like You’re Hiding
07. Never Felt So Good
08. Your Very Own Beauty Community
09. How Do You Feel
10. Watercolour
11. Grind You Down
12. C’mon C’mon
13. This Is It

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