Band Of Rascals-Tempest-Album Review

By: Nerhys Hall

The follow-up to 2014’s critically acclaimed self-titled EP, Band of RascalsTempest offers seven gritty tracks. The Vancouver Island band take pure, unfiltered rock and blend it with notes of blues and country to create a cool style that’s dark, dirty, and authentic. Fans of both rock and country music are sure to enjoy this album.

Tempest offers both heart-pumping, adrenaline-fuelled tracks like “Holler” and slower, more laid back songs such as “Reaction”. Plus, Band of Rascals included one surprisingly tender ballad, “Fell Into The Love Of You”, giving the listener a taste of Band Of Rascals’ softer side. Having a mix of aggressive and laid back songs creates a balanced album that listeners can enjoy without getting exhausted with too many upbeat tracks or bored by too many slow songs. Band of Rascals found that perfect balance for a completely enjoyable album.

Tempest – Track Listing

1. Holler
2. Little Longer Now
3. Altitude
4. Seas Coming Down
5. Fell Into The Love of You
6. Reaction
7. Control

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