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Since forming in 2008, the band – Nick Weber (vocals), Logan Pacholok (guitar/vocals), Kevin Okabe (guitar), Artur Lepert (bass) and Spencer Burr (drums) have solidified themselves as one of Canada’s most dynamic, emerging modern rock acts.

The hard-rocking quintet have extensively toured Canada and have opened for Aerosmith and Slash, The Tea Party, Sam Roberts, Big Wreck, and Scott Weiland.

We caught up with vocalist Nick Weber to discuss their upcoming tour, songwriting and new music.

Kat: What can fans expect from the band on your upcoming Canadian tour with Diemonds? Will it be mainly new music? A mixture?

Nick: It will be a mixture of both for sure. We have our new single “Sunlight Fading Away” as a recent addition to the set. We are always tinkering with old songs to breathe new life into our live shows. Gotta keep em on their toes ;)

Kat: How would you compare Pigeon Park’s current sound to your earlier work?

Nick: Our sound has evolved and developed in different ways. When we started out we were playing a lot of blues influenced rock on our first album. Our second project was a little bit more experimental and by the time we were on our third project, we were crossing a lot of genres. We eventually decided we needed to focus our sound and that’s when Black Widow came out. We have been following that path, for the most part, since!

Kat: Can you speak a little bit about what ‘Sunlight Fading Away’ means to you, both personally and professionally?

Nick: “Sunlight Fading Away” was written by Logan (Guitar/Vocalist) and has to do with the difficulties on writing music when the inspiration to do so isn’t always there. Professionally this song feels like a step in a good direction. Getting back to music that we feel is a little more representative of who we are.

Kat: What’s the song writing process like for the band? Could you delve a little bit into how new songs are created/made?

Nick: It tends to vary from person to person. Many of us in the band write and when someone brings something into a rehearsal, everyone puts their personal spin on it. In the case of “Sunlight Fading Away,” it was a full song that was brought in to practice but we refined it to a point where we were truly happy with it. Hard to say how the next one will be created!

Kat: After tour, what’s next for Pigeon Park? Can we expect a new album soon?

Nick: We hope so! We have been writing recently and will be ramping up once we return from the road! We are always excited too see where the next project takes us.

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