An Interview With Kevin T. Porter of Gilmore Guys

Do you awaken in a cold sweat every night, fearing that two men will never start a podcast about Gilmore Girls? Well then kiss your night terrors GOODBYE. Veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and new-to-the-show Demi Adejuyigbe go deep into Gilmore Girls  episode by episode with special guests to analyze, praise, mock, and gab about all things Stars Hollow and beyond.

Seriously. These dudes are SUPER into Gilmore Girls.

We caught up with with long time fan Kevin T. Porter about the inspiration behind  Gilmore Guys

1. Where did the idea for a podcast about Gilmore Girls come from?

I had always wanted to start a podcast but I couldn’t think of an interesting enough idea for a show. When Netflix announced it had picked up the streaming rights to the back catalog I thought revisiting the series in podcast form would be a fun format. When I put out a cold call on my social media and Demi replied to it, the format cemented; one of us was a fan and one of us was watching for the first time.

2. Why did you decide to do every single episode?

That seemed the most logical for the format of our show, one episode of the podcast would cover one episode of the TV show. It became easier to market the show that way as well.

3. What is the goal of the podcast?

The goal was just to make a fun comedy show about Gilmore Girls, nothing more nothing less. Of course what it turned into became so so much more and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

4. How has it exceeded your exceptions? 

It has more than 20000x exceeded our expectations. Our biggest expectations is to talk to some of our favorite people in comedy on the show like Jason Mantzoukas about Gilmore Girls. The idea that we were able to tour internationally behind the podcast and connect with so many listeners and cast and crew of the show was never in our heads when we started the show and we remain very humbled by all of it.



5. What have you learned? Would you change anything looking back?

There’s a few things I would tweak here and there about how we executed our vision but overall no. A big part of the show was discovery and us learning how to do the show on the show and I think listeners enjoyed that.

6. Do you have any advice for those looking to start a podcast?

My advice would be to make it literally as good as you possibly can. Don’t half ass it with content or the technical aspects (audio quality etc. BUY GOOD MICS!) but also, don’t have any other goal in mind other than enjoying yourself and making exactly the kind of show you want to make. If that’s your aim, then you’ll never be disappointed.

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