Wide Mouth Mason Share Thoughts On New Album “Late Night Walking”, Upcoming Tour + More

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Wide Mouth Mason recently released their new album “Late Night Walking” this past September via all streaming platforms.

With an impressive discography spanning over two decades, the band has captured the hearts of fans across the nation and beyond. Now, they are ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, bringing their electrifying performances to audiences throughout Canada. The tour will feature a series of shows in major cities and intimate venues, celebrating the band’s remarkable legacy and captivating live presence. Fans can expect an immersive musical experience, as Wide Mouth Mason delivers their signature blend of blues, rock, and soul with raw energy and finesse. This tour will also serve as a platform to showcase their music. 

With their new album out, the band plans to unveil fresh material during their performances, offering a glimpse into the next chapter of their artistic journey. 

Accompanying these recent announcements, was the reissuing of their earlier material. We Are Busy Bodies’ new subsidiary label (Record Record Label) have released the band’s self-titled debut record, as well as their critically acclaimed smash “Where I Started”. Both works were released on the same day as “Late Night Walking”.

Canadian blues-rock band Wide Mouth Mason formed in 1995. With their dynamic sound and remarkable musicianship, the band has achieved critical acclaim and commercial success, earning multiple Juno Award nominations and a loyal fan base. Wide Mouth Mason’s discography includes hit songs such as “Midnight Rain,” “My Old Self,” and “Why.” The band consists of Shaun Verreault (vocals, guitars), and Safwan Javed (drums).

Wide Mouth Mason

I had the opportunity to chat with Shaun Verreault from Wide Mouth Mason about the band’s musical journey so far, what fans can expect from their new album, tour and more.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new album “Late Night Walking” and how your music has evolved?

Shaun: Our previous record I Wanna Go With You was a concerted effort to explore and focus on our bluesiest work. Late Night Walking was all about choosing the songs that we liked most, regardless of the style of them. Some of the songs on it were written years ago for solo acoustic projects I did, and some were assembled on the spot in Ryan Dahle’s studio on Mayne Island from lyric books I’d filled over the pandemic and musical bits we had. When the older tunes would connect with Safwan playing a new beat in his signature way, they earned their spots on it. Like our prior record, I do mainly play using the unique technique I’ve developed of playing a lap steel with 3 slides on my left hand fingers, but there’s also guitar and banjo on it. 

Kat: You will also be reissuing some of your earlier material, including the band’s self-titled debut record, as well as your critically acclaimed smash “Where I Started”. What was the thought process behind reissuing the older material, and releasing it on the same day as your new album?

Shaun: When we and our label We Are Busy Bodies released our third record Stew on vinyl a couple years ago, the response was enthusiastic and people were asking for more of the catalogue in that medium. With some negotiation with our 90s label, we were able to give the people what they asked for. 

Kat: In celebration of the new album, the band is set to tour soon featuring a series of shows in major cities and intimate venues, (including The Horseshoe Tavern on November 3rd) How does it feel to be going out on tour? What can fans expect? What are you most looking forward to?

Shaun: More than once during the making of the record we remarked “this is gonna be really fun to play live”. Having debuted some of the new songs at recent shows, we can confirm that they are indeed fun to play in front of/with a crowd. Our shows are always a mix of songs people might know us by, new songs, and improvisation/spontaneous composition. 

Kat: What do you find is the most challenging part of your creative process?

Shaun: The challenging parts of the creative process ultimately end up being satisfying. We love challenging ourselves and evolving musically. 

The most challenging part of the whole process is navigating the transportation to and from shows… 

Kat: What has been a career highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way?

Shaun: We’ve been fortunate to tour with bands like the Stones, AC/DC, and ZZ Top, and to feel the elation of a huge room of people who didn’t know who we were at the beginning of the set transformed into cheering. That’s a fun ride. 

Hearing a room of any size sing your song along with you is wonderful. 

It’s currently a highlight to listen back to the new record and to really be proud of it. For long time friends and peers to say it’s our best work. To know that we have more to discover decades in. 

Kat: What else are you currently working on now, and what else do you have planned for the remainder of this year?

Shaun: More shows planned, and many more new song ideas to harvest for the next record. 

Wide Mouth Mason Tour Dates

Oct 21 – Guitar Strings and Kidney Things @ Bridgeworks – Hamilton

Nov 1 – Aeolian Hall – London

Nov 2 – Dominion Telegraph – Paris

Nov 3 –  Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

Nov 4 –  Neat Cafe – Burnstown

Connect With Wide Mouth Mason

Website: https://widemouthmason.com

Instagram: /widemouthmason

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