The Art of Escape: Designing A She Shed That Inspires & Rejuvenates


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Everyone deserves a space that’s just for them. It’s where you can relax and recharge away from the world. She sheds are only becoming more popular as women seek new ways to relieve stress. 

Check out these ideas to design a she shed that inspires and rejuvenates without breaking your budget.

1. Install Relaxing Lighting

When someone’s driving behind you with their high beams on, the intense light in your eyes can sour your mood. A room lit with fairy lights invites people to relax. Lighting directly affects a person’s mood, so it’s essential to install whatever lighting relaxes you when creating a rejuvenating she shed oasis.

Studies show that relaxing lighting also makes people prefer specific spaces over others with harsh bulbs. Lamp shades and string lights are just a few ways to illuminate your office or closet getaway to boost how much you enjoy your she shed.

2. Find Comfortable Seating

These types of spaces almost always include some kind of special seating that maximizes everyone’s comfort while they play video games or watch sports.  

Consider the furniture you have in your home that could maximize your she shed enjoyment. A plush lounge chair or reclining couch might be perfect for your private space. 

Your final selection depends on your she shed’s size, what you’ll do in that space and if you’ll spend time with others in that area.

3. Control The Temperature

Enjoying time away from your busy life is much easier when your she shed isn’t too hot or cold. Regulating the space’s temperature is essential to designing a she shed that inspires and rejuvenates.

Consider adjusting your thermostat before starting alone time in your getaway space. You could also add an AC unit or heater to your she shed if it’s a detached area like a backyard shed. When you’re not worried about sweating too much or staying warm, you can fully relax and enjoy anxiety-reducing activities.

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4. Pick A Colour Theme

She sheds need interior decorating like any other indoor space. You’ll have an easier time figuring out your she shed’s style by starting with a color theme. 

Some colours are better for tranquil spaces than others. Research shows that blue hures reduce your heart rate by calming your central nervous system. Intense colours like neon red or yellow might make you anxious.

Note how you feel in rooms with different paint colours. You can make your private closet space or reading nook more soothing by opting for shades that reduce your physical and mental anxiety symptoms.

5. Invest In Snack Supplies

There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up after a long day and eating your favourite foods. Man caves famously have endless chicken wings and beer, so your she shed should be a snack haven too. Invest in whatever supplies you need to treat yourself, like a chip bowl or cocktail supply set. 

You could also make your she shed a place that prioritizes your health. Snack on whole paleo foods that balance your blood sugar, boost your nutrient intake and prevent sugar crashes that make you feel lethargic. It depends on your unique health goals set by yourself and your doctor.

6. Set Up Storage Options

You’ll need ways to entertain yourself and release stress after a long week of hard work. Add a few helpful storage supplies to your she shed to hold all your hobby supplies.

A floating shelf could host your favourite books, while standing cabinets hide your needlework supplies behind polished wood doors. Whether your she shed is your back porch or a spare room, creative storage solutions are always available for whatever activities you’ll enjoy most during your rejuvenating alone time.

7. Claim Your Space With Decor

Decor splashes your personality around any living space. It’s a vital part of finalizing your she shed so it’s a long-term getaway spot that’s just for you. As you browse online stores and walk through home furnishing aisles, keep an eye out for decorations like:

  • Creative signs
  • Potted plants
  • Plush pillows and blankets

Even an aromatherapy diffuser will transform your space into a stress-free environment. Scents like lavender are so powerful against physical discomfort that they even reduce labour pain while people are giving birth.

Your final decor choices all depend on the space you’re using. Consider how much free surface area and wall currently exists to match it with the perfect decor.

Design A Rejuvenating She Shed

Anyone can make a quiet getaway spot by upgrading it to a relaxing she shed. Use these ideas to start making your own escape zone today. 

Whether you start by selecting your favourite colours or figuring out your preferred seating options, you’ll end up with the perfect space to release your stress whenever you want to press pause on your busy routine.

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