Crafting Your Online Persona – 7 Ways To Become An Authentic & Impactful Influencer


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Being an influencer means putting part of your life online, entertaining and educating others across the globe. Many advantages come with being your own boss and earning money through social media. However, it also means you have the power to impact many lives. 

Here are seven ways to become an authentic and impactful influencer.

1. Know Your Audience 

One of the first things you must consider when crafting an online persona is who your audience will be. Your presence can evolve, but knowing who is watching you on your platforms is important. If you have an audience of children, for example, you won’t want to post things that are overly sexual or inappropriate for them to repeat on their pages. You can find out who’s most interested in your content by looking at your account statistics.

You want to maintain a positive reputation regardless of what you do online. Knowing what your audience respects and does not respect can help you decide what’s most beneficial to put on your accounts. You have the right to do whatever you want with your profile, but as an influencer, it’s essential to take in the opinion of those who allow you to do what you do.

2. Advocate For Worthy Causes 

Influencers have power — that’s a lesson many have learned in the past several years. Use your influence for good to make a positive impact on the world.

You can utilize your platform to raise awareness about issues and advocate for others working to help cure diseases, protect children, and perform other necessary tasks. Promote these causes without expecting any shout-outs or financial returns. By raising awareness, you encourage your audience to do something impactful.

3. Practice What You Preach 

As an influencer, you can encourage people to be their best selves through kindness, compassion and selflessness. However, if you want your audience to trust you, ensure you take your advice.

Don’t convince your followers to use a product, donate to a cause or practice self-care if you can’t do them for yourself. If your followers discover you don’t do what you tell them, they could lose faith in you.

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4. Live A No-Filter Life 

It’s unfortunately typical to struggle with something about your appearance. Around 90% of women admit to using filters on their photos to brighten their skin, make them look thinner and erase any blemishes. These filters contribute to a harmful culture of creating unrealistic body expectations.

People are finally starting to break through the toxic messaging given to us about how they should look. By using something simple like a ring light and leaving the filter off, you can share your authentic self. Your followers will notice you want to set an example of what natural bodies look like. It takes courage to put yourself out there, but doing so can show others they’re not alone and don’t have to hide behind a mask. 

5. Pause Before Your Post

You must pause before posting a photo or video. Is the content you post going to share a good message? Could it harm you or someone else?

It’s easy to put your thoughts and feelings online in the heat of the moment without considering potential consequences. Taking time to calm down and evaluate your post can help you avoid a crucial mistake. You want to express your true feelings about situations, but you often gain perspective when you pause before posting them.

6. Don’t Sell Your Soul For Sponsorships 

Most influencers need sponsorships, especially if it’s their primary form of income. However, knowing who’s sponsoring you and whether or not you want to associate them with your online presence is essential.

Don’t agree to any sponsorship just because they’re offering you money. Ensure the company sponsoring you has a solid reputation that won’t backfire on you or your audience.

Do your research about the products and whether or not they could be useful to you or your audience before you agree to the deal. Consider your audience’s age and other demographic features when you accept sponsorships. For example, if you have a lot of young followers, you don’t want to promote lingerie.

7. Keep Some Things Private 

While being honest with your followers is essential, omitting things about your life is alright. Protecting your digital footprint is necessary. You may not like being so vulnerable or sharing sensitive information years later. What you put on the internet stays there forever.

Don’t let yourself reflexively respond to toxic comments meant to elicit a response. Instead, address what you feel is vital and don’t mind being out there forever. 

Crafting an Online Persona 

Your online presence becomes your career when you choose to be an influencer. By setting personal boundaries, being honest and creating positive change, you can show authenticity and positively impact the world.

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