10 Small Details That Will Instantly Make Your Home Stand Out


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Homeowners are always looking for new ways to make their houses the talk of the neighborhood. Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. You don’t need to overhaul your landscaping or remodel your kitchen. 

Sometimes a simplistic approach yields the best results. Here are ten small details you can change that will instantly make your home stand out.

1. Rearrange The Furniture

Start off with a simple furniture rearrangement to give each room in the house a new look and feel. Your couches, chairs and tables should promote conversation between guests and allow foot traffic to flow seamlessly throughout the room. Every room should also have a centerpiece, whether it’s a television set, coffee table or sofa.

Each room’s dimensions will limit the scope of your design, but you still need to give each item some breathing room. Don’t shove everything against the wall or into a corner. Evenly space everything out and try to create a classic arrangement like the L-shape or floating layout. 

2. Repaint The Living Room

Repainting your living room will lighten the mood in a similar way. Neutral colors such as cream, eggplant and pewter are in high demand these days because they provide a calming presence and don’t distract from the room’s other design elements. Plus, they match with pretty much any interior decoration or architectural style.

By applying a neutral background to your living room, you have more freedom to incorporate complementary color schemes with your furniture and other decorations. The whole room will pop with color without feeling too overwhelming.

3. Let There Be Light

Natural lighting has recently become a huge point of emphasis in interior design. Pull back those heavy drapes and uncover your windows to let in as much sunlight as possible. Not only will the burst of warm light improve everyone’s mood, but it will also make your house feel bigger and more inviting.

4. Upgrade Your Front Door Accessories

Your front doorstep needs to set a good first impression. Upgrading small accessories like your door handle, address numbers and floormat can significantly improve the door’s overall appearance. Lever door handles are stylish options often paired with French door designs, which makes them appropriate additions to any Canadian home.

5. Get A New Mailbox

The mailbox is another outdoor feature you should consider upgrading. Mailboxes can make a big difference to your home’s curb appeal — especially if you have a freestanding box next to the curbside. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be a strong representation of your home’s overall style and atmosphere. 

6. Install Decorative Shutters

Lining your windows with decorative shutters is a great way to add a touch of color and traditional design to your home. Even if your house has an otherwise modern design, the shutters will still make a good match. They go well with just about anything. Just make sure you choose a color that accentuates your home’s exterior siding.

7. Invest In A Full Bar Cart

If you want your home to become a hotspot for neighborhood get-togethers, you need to invest in a full bar cart with different drinking glasses, mixing tools and alcohol varieties. This accessory is the perfect living room or kitchen attraction, enabling you to impress guests with classic cocktails and make your parties feel more luxurious.

8. Introduce Fresh Greenery

Introducing fresh greenery is another great way to make your home feel more sophisticated for guests. Plants can bring many natural shapes and colors into your living space, and they act as effective air filters that purify your home’s indoor air quality. They bring a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Every home should have plenty of plant life. 

9. Add Vintage Rugs

A vintage rug is an instant upgrade no matter where you decide to put it. They bring many qualities to the table, including new colors, patterns and textures that can bring a dull room back to life. They’re also the perfect solutions for any empty floor space that you’re looking to cover up. If traditional vintage rugs aren’t in your budget, more recent vintage-style rugs are viable alternatives.

10. Fill Rooms With Fragrance

Last but not least, you can’t forget about your home’s smell. Everyone’s house has a distinct odor, whether we realize it or not. An unpleasant smell makes a bad impression, so you need to fill the rooms with subtle fragrances. There are many ways to integrate fresh odors into your home, including scented candles, incense, wall diffusers and wax melts.

It’s All About the Little Things

Oftentimes, the little things make the biggest difference when it comes to making a home feel stylish, warm and welcoming. A luxury kitchen or bathroom renovation would certainly be nice, but these sweeping changes aren’t realistic or appropriate for most homes. 

Instead, you should focus on making small incremental improvements so your home can keep getting better as the years go on. If you want to make a strong impression with guests, pay attention to these minute details.

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