10 Tips For Keeping The Romance Alive With Your Partner This Spring & Beyond


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Springtime is the best time to rekindle the passion in your romance. Whether you like to go out with your partner or are more of a comfortable homebody, you can employ these small tactics to show your partner how much you love them. Trying new things is an essential way to strengthen your bond with each other. You might learn something new about one another while rekindling your romance!

1. Put Away Devices

Spending too much time on social media can show you what you don’t have and might even make you jealous. One thing you must remember is that social media is a highlight reel of someone’s life. They often don’t show you a messy house or a dysfunctional relationship with their partner. 

Prioritizing time away from screens can help you appreciate the ups and downs of your own relationship while improving your social skills with your partner and other people. There’s nothing more intimate than spending face-to-face time together without screens in the way.

2. Take A Class Together

If you have time, take a virtual class together. The topic could be something you’re both interested in or could benefit you somehow. For example, a cooking class could work excellently for people who want to try more dinners at home. Alternatively, you could opt for a course neither of you knows anything about. If you like the idea of learning photography, order fancy cameras and take a class on it to perfect your art together.

3. Play Video Games Together

Video games may not seem like an inherently romantic activity, but if you and your partner are competitive, you should lean into this fun activity to do together. Some cooperative games might have you and your sweetheart working towards the same goal, which can be a great bonding activity for couples who’d rather stay at home. You should opt for a game that neither of you has tried before if you want to enjoy the cooperative story.

Some cooperative games you might try are:

  • It Takes Two: a calm game with a fantastic story
  • Don’t Starve Together: a survivalist game that will test your skills
  • Overcooked 2: a hilarious cooking simulation game

Even if video games aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy an immersive experience with your partner as you compete against them or work with them to solve puzzles. Communication is vital when playing co-op games. If you dislike them, try to find a cooperative board or card game instead.

4. Make Surprises For Them

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to surprise your partner. You can figure out a way to make a gift basket for them, full of treats they love, and give it to them without a reason. Small surprises can keep your romance alive, showing you put in the effort and thought about your partner on a seemingly random day. Try to change it up each time. Even the littlest gifts can be thoughtful ones.

5. Make A Themed Dinner

Try something new by making a new cuisine for an at-home date night. Look at authentic recipes from the culture you’re appreciating and adhere to the standards of a typical meal. For example, a Japanese-themed meal should likely include some fish-based dish or something that utilizes another type of protein. You might even learn new ways to cook your old favorites. Try to be as authentic as possible — you might even decide what country to visit next based on what you enjoy.

6. Prioritize Physical Touch

One of the best ways to show your partner love is to find excuses to touch them. You can utilize physical touch in every aspect of your life. Look for ways to seek out your partner’s hand while shopping or walking around. Touch them as you move past them at home. Show your partner that you love being around them by going out of your way to touch them whenever possible. It’s a subtle way of telling your partner you love them.

7. Plan Your Next Vacation

A great way to look forward to the future together is to plan for something fun. You can escape the monotony of everyday life for a moment by planning your next vacation to a new location. Spend time together while planning so you can remain in the moment, which might reduce some of your stress and keep you from getting caught up in your own head. You can even plan out several things to do together once you arrive at your destination.

8. Maintain Your Appearance

Keeping up with your appearance may feel like it’s more for you than anyone else, but you likely feel better when you’re taking care of yourself. Your partner will notice your enhanced confidence and how you feel more like yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you may be more open and loving to your partner. Plus, you feel better when you dress up — meaning more nice dates might be on the horizon.

9. Give Verbal Compliments

If your partner is doing a great job with household chores, compliment them. If they have been putting greater effort into your relationship, tell them you’ve noticed. Genuine compliments can strengthen your relationship and make the recipient feel good about themselves. Support one another through everything, and you’ll feel closer than ever before.

10. Give and Receive Feedback Well

One of the best ways to continue being the best partner you can be is to ask your significant other for feedback. If they want to be loved in a certain way, try to give them more of their love language. If they’re open to receiving feedback, you can offer suggestions for them. You love each other, so you should try to implement these suggestions into your behaviors. It’s a great way to love your partner better without much effort.

Keep the Romance Alive in Subtle Ways

While grand gestures are nice, you don’t always have to make them to show your partner you love them. Some small reminders of your love are enough to keep the romance alive between you and your partner. Whether you plan a picnic date to enjoy the spring sunshine or want to stay at home and enjoy the longer days, you can show your partner that you love them and can rekindle the spark that will leave you both feeling like honeymooners, no matter how long you’ve been together.

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