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Everyone’s ready to get back outside after a long winter. Invite your friends over for a brunch they’ll never forget and you’ll start making memories this weekend. Check out how to throw the perfect springtime brunch to become the ultimate party host. You won’t forget any tiny details so the event is a legendary success.

1. Watch The Forecast

The sunshine might be inviting right now, but don’t forget about the possibility of rain during your brunch. Warm air and increased atmospheric moisture make thunderstorms more likely in the spring and summer. It’s a practical delta to add to your planning since the weather could ultimately disrupt your party or make it incredible.

Pick the date for your brunch and watch the forecast in the days before it starts. You’ll know if you should move the party indoors or plan for an outdoor celebration. You’ll also gain crucial time that might make it easier to rent a party tent so your brunch can still happen outdoors. Stay flexible while watching the weather closely to avoid any last-minute disruptions.

2. Create A Guest List

Brunch parties wouldn’t be the same without all of your favorite people. Consider who you want next to you at your event and make a list. It might include family members, friends or co-workers. Send everyone an invitation a few weeks in advance so they can reserve time on their calendars. You can use the same list to track who’s coming and who declined for various reasons.

3. Plan Your Food

Once you know who’s coming to your springtime brunch, start planning your menu. You could keep things light with finger foods and salads or serve crowd-pleasing recipes like crepes and pancakes. Brunch can feature breakfast foods, lunch foods or a mix of both. It depends on what you’d enjoy eating and if your guests have any food allergies.

Whichever foods you decide to serve, remember to pour some snack foods into cute containers. Your guests might enjoy eating pretzels or fruit while mingling before your meal begins.

4. Remember Your Desserts 

Parties are much more fun with dessert. Use your post-brunch menu to cool everyone off by serving cake-pop ice cream balls or creating a sundae bar. Your guests will enjoy the refreshing taste of something cold, especially if it’s extra sweet. Don’t forget to stock up on napkins to catch any ice cream that drips onto your table.

5. Make Springtime Decor 

You’ll throw the perfect springtime brunch by using the season as inspiration for your decor. Your guests would feel confused if they saw a fall wreath on your door in April. Use pastel shades of complementary colors and seasonal motifs like bunnies as decor. The decorations can start where your guests will park and invite them inside for food, conversation and whatever entertainment you have planned.

6. Utilize Seasonal Flowers 

Research flowers blooming when your brunch starts and arrange them in creative containers like mason jars or teapots. They’ll evoke laid-back brunch vibes while adding beauty to your venue. You’ll also get a great deal on them because they’re in season. Check your garden or local farmer’s market for the best prices and the most variety in the days before your brunch.

7. Prepare A Backup Plan 

Even with a constant eye on the forecast and extensive planning, you may need to relocate your brunch event. A surprise springtime shower could soak your outdoor picnic tables and flower arrangements. You might also spend time with everyone on your back porch, only for the seasonal allergens to make your guests sneeze.

Have a backup plan ready for every aspect of your party. You should be able to move everything indoors or outdoors at a moment’s notice. If your food doesn’t cook in time, have a local restaurant in mind for a delivery order. You can also get a variety of snacks and drinks in case people aren’t big fans of spicy jalapeño poppers or sweet potato fries.

8. Serve Refreshing Drinks 

Everyone’s going to need something tasty to pair with your brunch foods. Create a variety of drinks so your guests can choose their favorites. You might create custom mimosas using seasonal ingredients like strawberry juice instead of orange juice. Your guests might appreciate the creativity and have more fun because you put extra thought into their beverages.

Include something for everyone by making mocktails too. You can always leave the champagne or sparkling wine out of the recipes and swap them with lemon-lime soda or sparkling water.

Juices, sodas and sweet tea could also make your guests happy. Consider their dietary preferences and lifestyles to create a drink menu that doesn’t leave anyone out of the fun.

Throw The Perfect Springtime Brunch

Anyone can learn how to throw the perfect springtime brunch with some thought and creativity. Consider all the details your guests could need, like food, drinks and entertainment. You’ll host a great party as long as everyone’s comfortable and the forecast is on your side.

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