10 Air Fryer Recipes That Are Perfect For Spring


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While you’re enjoying the warmer weather and having fun at seasonal festivities, try a few air
fryer recipes that are perfect for spring. They’ll match the light, laid-back nature of the season so your daily routine fits right in with the time of year.

1. Teriyaki Salmon

People often cook fish in the spring because it’s a lighter protein that works in cold or warm dishes. Buy a couple of salmon fillets during your next grocery store trip to join in the trend. You’ll transform them into a teriyaki delicacy with a few spices, soy sauce and 10 minutes in your trusty air fryer.

2. Sweet Potato French Fries

While you’re dining on your spring salads and wraps, you might wish you had a savory side. Sweet potato french fries are perfect for spring and cook in any air fryer. Slice a sweet potato into shoestring strips and toss them with olive oil. They’ll bake for 10-15 minutes to become the perfect spring side dish.

3. Southwest Egg Rolls

Fried rolls are some of the most popular spring air fryer foods. Give yours a southwest flavor by twisting egg roll wraps around veggies like black beans, spinach and bell peppers. Shredded chicken can pad each wrap before they cook for 9 minutes in your air fryer.

4. Air Fried Pickles

Although you can eat pickles year-round, their crispy vinegar flavor is especially delicious under the warm sunshine. Make a few for your next snack by coating pickle slices in flour, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. An egg wash binds everything together so they’re extra crunchy after 8 minutes in an air fryer. Don’t forget to serve them with a side of horseradish dipping sauce.

5. Mexican Shrimp

Make your next poolside cocktail hour even more fun by making air-fried Mexican shrimp and dip. Remove the tails from your shrimp and toss them in a blend of Mexican seasonings. They only need to fry for 8 minutes before they’re ready for dipping or taco night entrees.

6. Homemade Chicken Tenders

A change in the seasons could also mean a change in your personal goals. If you want to eat healthier or build more muscle, air-fried chicken tenders are the perfect addition to your spring diet. They don’t even need breading to reach crispy perfection.

Roll each raw chicken tender in a bowl with cajun seasoning, curry rub, Italian spices and chicken seasoning. Afterward, they’ll need to cook for 10 minutes before reaching an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Pair them with fat-free coleslaw for the ultimate spring lunch or dinner.

7. Mini Breakfast Tacos

Make every breakfast more fun by creating tiny tacos in your air fryer. Mini corn tortillas will fit in any sized basket. Fill each taco with scrambled eggs or egg whites, plus breakfast essentials like bacon bits, cheese and pico de gallo. With 5 minutes in the air fryer, you’ll have crispy tacos ready for your sit-down breakfast or your commute to work.

8. Baby Potatoes

Use your next spring afternoon to explore the possibilities of air-fried baby potatoes. Slice the tiny taters in half before mixing them with olive oil, rosemary, paprika and salt. They’ll become soft on the inside and crispy on the outside after 15 minutes in your air fryer. Place them on your favorite seasonal salad or serve them for spring holiday meals to lean into the season while it lasts.

9. Biscuits

Local farmers harvest berries in the spring and ship jam to local grocery stores. Stock up on a jar or two during your next trip to prepare for a biscuit breakfast. You can cook refrigerated biscuit dough in your air fryer for nine to 10 minutes. Slice them in half and watch the steam rise as you spread your favorite spring jam on each piece and wait for your coffee to brew.

10. Potato Chips

Potato chips might be the only snack on your mind when you’re lounging by the pool in the springtime sun. Prep them before putting on sunscreen by slicing Russet potatoes in a mandolin. After a 15-minute ice bath, pat them dry and spray them with olive oil. They only need to spend 15 minutes in your air fryer before you can enjoy the ultimate seasonal snack.

Try New Air Fryer Recipes This Spring

Anyone who’s ready to try something new in the kitchen can make these air fryer recipes that are perfect for spring. They’ll help you welcome the season and enjoy it while it lasts. Start making your grocery list — you’re about to dazzle your tastebuds.

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