How To Host A Memorable Pool Party – 8 Pointers


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Hosting a get-together lets you see your favourite people and make great memories, but only if you plan things right. Here’s how to host a memorable pool party this year. You’ll throw the biggest bash of the year and set a high bar for other summer gatherings.

1. Design Fun Invitations

You could always send a few texts and invite people by word-of-mouth, but that’s not as much fun. You’ll make your pool party more memorable by sending everyone invitations. 

Create them online or draw them by hand to splash your personality on each card. Your guests will love the old-school invitations and get even more excited about your party.

2. Create Shaded Seating

After everyone gets tired of hanging out in the pool, they’ll need a place to relax and dry off. Try hanging a shade sail between a few trees or renting a party tent. Your guests will avoid getting sunburned and have comfortable places to chat.

3. Make Your Pool Safer

Don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to make your pool safe for everyone. Adults may know how to swim, but kids sometimes need a helping hand. Supervision is a constant necessity. Take 30-minute shifts and make sure kids avoid swimming in areas that are deeper than 4 feet.

You can also brush up on your CPR skills and always keep a life preserver beside your pool. Your party will be great, but only if everyone stays safe. Taking extra precautions is the best way to keep guests of all ages safe while inviting everyone for a swim.

4. Pick A Theme

The best events always have themes, so consider picking one for your spring pool party. You could select complementary colours to drive your decoration choices or a seasonal theme like spring flowers. Decorate with whatever motifs inspire you to pull your party into a cohesive idea. Your guests will love the thought behind your planning.

5. Plan A Drink Menu

It’s crucial to stay hydrated while having fun at a pool party. Plan your drink menu to get ahead of everyone’s needs. You could offer chilled water bottles, juice boxes and sodas for anyone craving carbonation.

Adults may also want a hard beverage while relaxing by the pool. A separate menu could feature delicious cocktails that combine ingredients like ice cream and vodka for the ultimate summer beverages. Whatever flavours you serve will make your party much sweeter and more memorable.

6. Stock up on Snacks

Don’t forget to serve snacks if your guests will hang out by your pool for more than an hour. The invitations could include space for your guests to RSVP and note any food allergies. Finger foods like pretzels and veggie trays are great places to start. After you have a few crowd-pleasing party platter ingredients, you can get more creative with additions like chocolate-dipped strawberries or deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls.

7. Inflate Pool Floats

Floating around the cool water is the most relaxing part of being in a pool. Invest in a few pool floats that match your party’s theme to give everyone a way to have fun in the water. They can hang onto floaties shaped like donuts or fruit slices or lounge on inflatable chairs. It’s a great way to encourage people to start conversations and give the kids something safe to hold onto in the water.

8. Put a Playlist Together

Sometimes there are lulls in conversations during parties. When that happens, the silence that takes over the room makes people feel awkward. The ultimate spring pool party needs a great playlist so music fills the background of every conversation.

Consider using the year’s biggest hits. You could also research top hits from previous years to play music your guests probably already know. Include a spot on your RSVP cards for everyone to write their favourite genres and artists to help you quickly compile a playlist that makes your guests feel at home by your pool.

Plan a Memorable Pool Party

Anyone can host a memorable pool party this year with a few of these easy tips. Start planning early to get ahead of every last detail. You’ll create menus, invitations and playlists that impress every guest. As long as everyone’s safe by the water, your event will be the best way to kick off the warmest months of the year.

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