How To Add A Little Dash Of Luxury To Your Next Vacation


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Everyone wants a luxurious vacation, but not everyone likes the price point that comes with the perks. However, you don’t need to break your budget to level up some of your experiences. Here are a few ways to ensure you have a bit of luxury in your travels. These ideas will make you feel like you’re living large.

1. Pick One Thing

Living in total luxury for the duration of your vacation might not be feasible, but you can ensure one experience you planned is the best of the best. Pull out all the stops so you have great memories — you might even want to revisit your destination in the future.

Usually, people find things less valuable than living in the moment, as experiences bring more happiness than material possessions. It might be worth investing more into activities rather than souvenirs and enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

2. Visit A Spa

Even if you don’t get the most luxurious spa package, a massage or facial can help you feel more relaxed. If you go into your vacation feeling tense, visiting the spa is just what you need to release your stress and help you make the most of your time away from work and home. 

Whether the retreat is attached to your resort or a place in town favoured by all the locals, just taking some time for yourself can help you feel pampered.

3. Upgrade Your Flight

If you want to arrive in style, upgrading your flight is the best way to make an entrance. Taking a private plane to your destination can help you enjoy your trip. In 2010, two-person crew private flights only had an accident rate of about 0.07 throughout 100,000 hours, making it an excellent alternative for people uneasy about flying.

If you don’t have the funds to charter a private jet, consider upgrading your regular seats to first class. You may not get the full experience a private flight would offer, but you’ll receive an upgrade of the services you typically would in coach. First-class seats often come with freebies, so take full advantage of your perks on a longer flight.

4. Choose Somewhere Less Popular

Picking your destination is one of the most important parts of going on vacation, as it influences everything you can do and see while you’re there. You may have been captivated by the beauty of certain locations on social media, but well-known tourist spots are bound to charge more. 

Instead, do your research and find beautiful places that aren’t as heavily advertised, and your money may go a long way since most tourists don’t know they exist.

5. Buy A New Accessory

A little goes a long way. You can opt for a luxury accessory that will dress up any outfit you wear throughout your vacation and when you return home. Knowing how to discern a luxury item can help you decide whether a certain accessory is worth it. This way, you’ll always look dressed up at dinnertime with minimal effort.

6. Get Wine & Desserts For Your Room

Room service can cost a lot, but you can bring groceries to make your experience more luxurious. Spending more on wine and fancy desserts lets you relax in your hotel room at night. You can have a romantic evening if you’re travelling with a partner. 

You can also create decadent recipes in your room for less money by buying groceries when you get to your destination.

7. Watch For Deals

Before you go on your trip, watch for deals that might change whether you can afford things. Knowing where to search for the right coupons can save money and let you experience new things you couldn’t previously afford. 

When you look into coupons, deals and promotions, there’s no limit to the number of things you can upgrade during your trip. You should also track prices over time to know whether you’re getting a deal or falling prey to a price markup that looks like a sale but costs more. You can search for deals for luggage, experiences at your destination and more.

Make Luxury A Priority

Find a few areas of your trip to splurge on if you truly want to live luxuriously while on vacation. Whether you want to arrive at your destination in style or experience a lavish lifestyle while relaxing, prioritizing luxury can help you feel like you’re making the most of your vacation. Try some of these tips to elevate your typical trip into even better memories you will cherish forever.

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