Planning Your Next Vacation: Should You Fly Or Drive?


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Vacation is an exciting time, and you have so much to plan. When you start to outline your trips for the year, you may begin to think about how to get from Point A to Point B. Figuring out adequate travel is an essential part of a vacation, as stressful as it might be to think about.

You have countless means of travel, but two stand out as the most popular: driving and flying. So, which one is best for you? The answer may depend on the vacation you’re planning.

Things To Consider When Flying

Above all else, flying is your best bet when traveling long distances. Plane tickets can vary in price, so consider the time of year you’re going on vacation. If you can postpone it, you might find cheaper tickets in a different part of the year. Just remember that airlines can get costly the more people you have with you. Then, you may also have to consider transportation from the airport, whether you take a taxi or get a rental car.

If you plan to fly a lot, you can open an airline credit card that rewards you with certain benefits. One of the best things about choosing a credit card for an airline you frequent is that they often support affiliated airlines, so you can still earn points while boarding an associated flight. Not everyone wants a travel credit card, but it can pay off – and you might find some rewards useful for your household.

Flying is the best option when you’re on a time crunch or want to make the most of your time off. While you may not be able to control delays in the airport, you’ll reach your destination a lot sooner than if you were driving there. You must plan ahead with your time, as you need time to navigate the airport and go through security. If you’re traveling out of the country, you need even more time to prepare for your international flight.

Things To Consider When Driving

Driving should always be your go-to when transporting large groups of people, unless it’s in everyone’s budget to afford an airline ticket. Since multiple people can fit in a single car, it can help offset some of the costs of maintenance, insurance, and similar fees.

The average price of fuel at the beginning of 2023 hovered around 6.29 Canadian Dollars, but that price may vary by location, so you should always plan ahead. If you’re carpooling on a road trip with others, make sure they give you some money in return for gas prices. You may also have to face parking fees or toll roads depending on where you go, so you should budget to run into them, too. Map your route ahead of time so you will be aware of the situation.

Driving also makes for easier travel with pets. If you can get your pet used to a car, they’ll feel calmer during the ride – but you should also plan for breaks, especially if you have a dog that needs to walk often. It’s an easy way to keep your pet with you without worrying about their safety in an airplane.

With driving, you need to be alert at all times. If you choose to drive, your mind will need to be active on the road, with your eyes moving constantly to ensure you’re a defensive driver. Driving defensively is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone in your vehicle, including yourself. Still, you have some more control over when you arrive. As long as you leave at an appropriate time and plan it out accordingly, you should arrive at your destination when you want – without being blindsided by delays.

Flying vs. Driving: Which Is Better?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose whether you’d rather spend less time in an airplane but more money on tickets versus a longer drive you have to be attentive during. As a general rule, you should choose to fly over longer distances, and you can prioritize driving as your means of travel for shorter ones.

Larger groups are great for road trips, as you’ll ultimately save money. If you plan on traveling solo, opt for a ride on a plane.

Finally, remember to stick to your budget. It might take some extra planning on your part, but you’ll find out which method of travel works best for you.

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