7 Essentials For Young Entrepreneurs


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Becoming a young entrepreneur is an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Many things are on your shoulders when starting a business, and this can be a stressful and exciting time.

Thankfully, the right tools can set you up for a smooth beginning and help you compete with others in your industry. 

Here are seven essentials every young entrepreneur needs to find success. 

1. A Good Computer

Computers are essential to owning and operating a business. You can use them for messaging, marketing, accounting and sales. 

The digital world is only advancing in its methods of reducing paper letters and forms. The right computer can let you easily complete work for your business neatly and energy-efficiently. 

You should consider purchasing a desktop computer if you have dedicated office space. They’re more ergonomic than laptops and can keep you focused by requiring you to work there. 

Consider purchasing a laptop when flexibility is necessary for your business. That way, you can conduct your business independently while travelling back and forth from school or other commitments. 

2. Separate Cellphone

A second cellphone is a great way to maintain a sense of work/life balance while growing your business. 

Keep your work cellphone with you during your designated work hours. Conduct any calls or text messages to customers and clients through it and keep up with business posts on social media and job boards. 

Once your work hours are complete, put that phone away and focus on your personal phone to communicate with friends and loved ones and explore your private social media. 

A bonus of having both phones is that you’re less likely to send a personal photo or message to a client accidentally. 

3. Upfitted Van

If you’re a contractor on the road, an upfitted van is a worthy investment. These vans allow you plenty of storage, privacy and organization for your business travels. You can customize them with your business information for a professional appearance and to build your brand recognition. Just make sure you review all your options before choosing a model. 

These vans also help with work/life balance. It’s nearly impossible for some entrepreneurs to store their equipment in their vehicles, and it’s also a constant reminder of work, limiting your ability to destress at the end of the day. 

4. A Budget Book

Practically all your finances can be stored online or in a digital document. However, when starting, financials are much too important to leave to chance. You must keep a budget book for days when your computer crashes or you have internet trouble. 

You can also carry the book into stores to double-check the amount you’d like to spend on different items. 

Writing something down also helps you retain its information better. Penning your budget on paper makes you more likely to remember it when tempted by a fancy new piece of equipment. 

5. An Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair makes you feel good and decreases your risk of future health problems if you spend a lot of time at a desk. 

Ergonomic office chairs help keep your spine in a neutral position, relieving pressure on your back, hips, neck and shoulders. 

An ergonomic chair helps reduce muscle pain and stiffness while also making you more comfortable, relieving mental stress. 

6. Business Cards

Even in 2022, business cards are a great tactile reminder of your company for any potential customers. 

These affordable little cards should contain your business name, logo and contact information. You can hand them out at networking and public events and post them on community boards. Having some on hand during business hours allows you to hand them out to potential customers. 

You can purchase business cards online or make them yourself with some cardstock and word document software. 

7. Mentors 

Young entrepreneurs entering the industry for the first time should have experienced professionals that can aid in growing their business. 

Even the most successful business owners began with mentors who showed them the ropes and gave them a new perspective on their decisions. Mentors help you build connections and teach you things about owning a company they learned through experience. 

Mentors also provide an ability to build lasting friendships in industries where you mainly work alone. 

Succeeding As A Young Entrepreneur

Becoming prevalent in your industry can be stressful. The right tools and patience can greatly increase your chance of success.

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