5 Clever Ways To Boost Your Instagram Following


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Anyone can boost their Instagram following with the right growth strategy. Gaining followers can seem daunting at first, but it’s about more than simply loading your posts with hashtags. 

These clever tips and tricks will help you organically grow your profile, boost your following and build a community on social media.  

1. Create A Consistent Theme

The first step to boosting your Instagram following is creating a unique, consistent identity for your profile. This is all about having a theme, which is the type and style of content you post. You can identify yours by pinpointing what you want to post about. 

For example, let’s say you want to create an Instagram profile where you post pictures of cool cars and trucks. Your content theme is clear already, but your style is a little more freestyle. Take a look at other vehicle-themed profiles. What filters are they using on their photos? Are certain colours and images more popular? 

You don’t have to copy others’ content styles, but they can be a good place to get inspiration. Try editing some starter photos on Instagram and make note of the filters and colour themes you like best. Choose one or two to focus on and make your style theme. 

2. Post Regularly & Often

One of the most important steps to boost your Instagram following is to post regularly. No one wants to follow a ghost town profile. Posting frequently means people are more likely to follow you so they don’t miss new posts. You can even schedule them so you’re sure never to miss a day.

You could post on your car-and-truck-themed profile once a day and post different types of photos throughout the week. For instance, you might post pictures of sports cars on Monday and Wednesday or feature cool paint jobs on Tuesday and Thursday. 

3. Make Your Content Unique & High Quality

Instagram is a visual platform, so if you want to get more followers, you must give people high-quality visuals. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours editing every one of your photos. However, you should focus on taking good pictures and posting only your most unique, high-quality content. 

Learning to capture and create good photos can have a learning curve, but a little research can go a long way. For example, maybe you decide to collaborate with your local fire department on your car and truck Instagram profile. You could research tips and tricks for taking good pictures of fire trucks beforehand to make the most of traffic generated by that collaboration. People want to see certain angles of the vehicle, and you need to consider what to have in the background against such a bright red colour. 

Learn to take great photos and videos of the topic you want to feature on your account and find a way to make them unique by adding your own style. This could be a unique angle or specific filter that makes your picture stand out from the pack. 

4. Post Varying Types Of Content

You should also remember to post varying types of content. Your still photos will be the basis of your profile, but you can make things more interesting and gain more followers by posting stories and videos. 

Stories appear at the top of users’ Instagram feed and feature still, animated or video posts that last 24 hours. Your story post then disappears. You can save your previously posted stories to highlight reels on your profile, so people can go back and look at them any time. 

Videos take a bit more effort to create and edit, but they can be great for attracting people’s attention as they are scrolling through their Instagram feed. You don’t have to post them too often, either. A video or two every week is great, but you don’t have to do one every day. They can be a great way to highlight particularly good content. For example, you could do a video shoot of a flashy car in a unique location to really catch peoples’ eyes on their feed. 

5. Interact & Collaborate

One of the most important steps to boost your Instagram following is to engage with others. Interaction and collaboration are key to building a community on Instagram. Reply to comments on your posts, and reach out to accounts that are similar to yours. However, it’s best to ignore any negative comments. Arguing with people can hurt your follower count. Focus on positive interactions instead. 

Stories are one of the best ways to interact with people on Instagram. Use them to create polls, respond to comments, or join in on trending filters and animations. 

Boost Your Instagram Following

Getting more followers on Instagram can take some time, but it helps to have a good growth strategy. These tips will help you attract more people organically, without any hacks like buying fake ones. Focus on creating great content and building positive engagement, and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your following on Instagram.

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