Avoiding A “Doomer” Mindset: 10 Tips For A More Positive Outlook


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You may have heard of doomsday preppers who always watch for the end of the world. Even if you don’t have a bunker, your thoughts may turn toward the negative side of life more often than you’d like, especially in times like these. 

These are a few tips you can use to enjoy a more positive outlook and avoid a doomer mindset.

1. Start Your Day With Affirmations

It’s all too easy to start your day with an anxious mindset. You might dread a meeting at work or running into someone at school. Make a list of three positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself or while looking in a mirror.

Your new mantras may feel strange to say at first, but they’ll feel more authentic each day. Use the phrases to lift your mood and teach yourself how to reframe your mind.

2. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Research shows that drinking too much caffeine can cause anxiety symptoms, even if you weren’t nervous about anything before finishing your coffee or energy drink. Consider how much caffeine you get daily to decide if you may avoid a doomer mindset by cutting back. You could find extra energy by sleeping better, eating healthier or resting throughout the day.

3. Volunteer In Your Community

Doing something nice for others makes the world a bigger place and results in feeling of fulfillment, minimizing depressive thoughts. There are many ways to volunteer, like helping set up events for retirement communities or signing up to assist in animal shelter adoption events.

4. Try A New Hobby

Having a more positive outlook is challenging if you’re stuck in negative thoughts. Distract yourself by practicing a new skill. That might mean starting a garden or refining your video game skills to play online with friends. Consider what you want to learn and what would make you the happiest.

5. Maintain A Gratitude Journal

Sitting down with a journal could inspire you to think of a new thing you’re thankful for daily. You might want to write a sentence about one great thing your body does for you or something you did that day to make a difference for someone else. After a few entries, you’ll be able to reflect on your positive experiences and have a better outlook on life.

6. Expand Your Friend Group

Make the world a bigger, brighter place by meeting new people. This might be an especially good idea if you just experienced a friendship breakup and feel their overwhelming absence. Find virtual clubs that meet over video chat or join groups in your community to start friendships with new people who add joy to your life.

7. Plan Something Exciting

Getting stuck in a routine leads to monotonous days that might leave you feeling depressed. Plan something exciting to shake things up. You might schedule a movie night with your friends and a trip home to see family. You could also visit exciting destinations like the downtown streets of Vancouver or the trails in Banff National Park if you want to see more of the world.

8. Schedule Positivity Reminders

It’s challenging to break out of negative thought patterns without external help. Schedule notifications throughout the day to remind yourself to think of something that makes you happy. You’ll redirect your thoughts and start a healthy habit that may not require reminders for very long.

9. Read Helpful Books

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to avoid a doomer mindset but nothing is working, pick up a helpful book. You could learn to dissect your feelings and understand where they come from, whether you read a physical copy or listen to an audiobook. Think about which habits or thoughts most affect your mood to find the right book with in-depth help.

10. Listen to Great Music

Turning on a happy playlist is an instant fix for anyone in a sour mood. Make your own or select a public playlist made by streaming services or people on music-oriented platforms. The upbeat songs and positive lyrics will make you instantly happier and more prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

Avoid A Doomer Mindset

Try using these tips to have a more positive outlook while avoiding a doomer mindset daily. You’ll build healthy habits, find helpful resources and change your routine into one that reinforces a happier life. You never know what might work best, so keep an open mind while transforming how you support your mental health.

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