7 Fresh Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer


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The best way to beat the summer heat is by taking care of yourself. If you know you’re healthy, you’ll be able to enjoy the season to its fullest without fears of heat exhaustion or running yourself into the ground. 

Here’s how you can glow up while enjoying all the benefits of sunny weather.

1. Drink Enough Water

It’s vital to replenish any water you lose in the heat. Drinking water is key to surviving outdoors, especially when it’s hot and sunny. Around six cups is enough for most healthy adults, but if you’re exercising or spending more time outdoors, start drinking more water.

Heat exhaustion is all too common among people who exercise outside. It doesn’t lead to other heat-related illnesses, but it’s a serious sickness that affects many people who aren’t used to working out in the great outdoors. Drinking enough water and acclimating yourself to the rising temperatures can help you avoid this condition.

2. Protect Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is important at any age, but preventing damage is always easier than reversing it. Even if you’re young, you should take good care of your skin. Try wearing a hat whenever you know you’ll be spending time in the sun, such as when you go to the beach or a lake. 

You should also use sunscreen every day. Mineral sunscreen is better for you, as it works well on sensitive skin and doesn’t enter the bloodstream as chemical varieties do.

3. Build A Workout Routine

A workout routine can benefit everyone, whether you want to lose or maintain weight or gain muscle. You need to define your goal before starting a regimen. Toning your muscles will give you a sleeker, leaner appearance, whereas lifting heavy weights will provide you with greater muscle mass. 

It might take a while to attain your ultimate goal, so you must consider your starting point and how you can feasibly reach your target. Don’t follow other people’s roadmaps for building their bodies the same way. 

4. Avoid Alcohol In The Heat

Alcohol can dehydrate you fast when you’re in the heat. If you plan to drink, do so inside, where you don’t need to worry about hydrating yourself adequately quite as much. You should also pay attention to how many beverages you can tolerate. Knowing your limit will help you avoid any form of exhaustion while you’re partying with your friends or family. 

5. Limit Your Added Sugars

You shouldn’t deny yourself a treat when you deserve it, but limiting your added sugars — such as those from candy, chocolate and other desserts — can help you feel better as you go through your day. Sugar crashes are real, and they happen when you consume too much and don’t expend that energy quickly. Carbohydrates are better for you if you anticipate burning them off through exercise or other activities. 

6. Enjoy The Season

You should get outside now and then to soak up the sun this summer, even if you don’t like the heat. The sun helps regulate your serotonin and melatonin levels, which can help you sleep better and manage a happier mood, which is vital to living a healthy life. 

Another great way to enjoy summertime is to eat the fruits and vegetables that thrive in the season. Make dishes featuring plenty of tomatoes or strawberries, as they’ll be the best during this time.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Just because it’s the summer doesn’t mean you can ruin your sleep schedule. Even if you have no plans for the morning, you should still go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early, so you experience everything the day has to offer you. Adults need roughly eight hours of sleep per night to function properly. You won’t feel up to all the activities you have planned for the next day if your body doesn’t have a chance to recharge.

Enjoy Your Summer By Treating Yourself Right

Anything goes in the summertime. It’s such a freeing season, and though many people hate the heat it brings, it’s the perfect time to meet up with friends and spend time both indoors and out. Your possibilities are seemingly endless, but you must take care of yourself to enjoy things to the fullest. Start practicing these techniques to care for your mind and body, and you’ll have a summer like you never have before.

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