Quebec Country Artist Tommy Charles Shares Thoughts On Debut Single “Lookin’ Like That”

Kat Harlton

Up-and-coming country artist Tommy Charles, who was a 2019 finalist on the hit TV show “La Voix”, recently released his debut single “Lookin’ Like That” via Crank Music.

The track was a collaboration between a team of music industry heavyweights, and was written by Jim Beavers (Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan), Drake Milligan and Grammy-nominated hit songwriter Deric Ruttan (Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley). The track was produced by Gold-certified producer Mitch Merrett (Chad Brownlee, Aaron Pritchett), and draws in the listener with its “classic country with an old fashioned dash of charm” sound and good-time feel, just in time for the summer!

Tommy Charles was Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, with his love for country music heavily influencing his passion as a musician. In 2019, he appeared on the hit TV show, “La Voix” (The Voice) where he advanced all the way to the finals which was followed by a seventy-five-date tour.

We had the opportunity to chat with him about his new single, his favorite musical memories so far, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your latest single “Lookin’ Like That”? How did the song come about?

Tommy: The song is written by Drake Milligan, Jim Beavers and Deric Ruttan. When I first heard it, it was an instant favorite. There is something so easy going and funny about the lyrics and the mood of it seems to be taken straight out of a Brooks and Dunn album from the 90s. Really, I think it’s about not taking ourselves too seriously when it comes to our relationships, and to be grateful that we get to spend time with amazing, funny, and, in this case, VERY good looking people. It’s about the magic you feel and the butterflies you get in your stomach when you spend a night dancing and partying with someone you really like. Mitch Merrett was the one who recommended the song to me, and I’m sure glad he did.

Kat: What do you hope new fans take from the song? 

Tommy: I hope they dance and go wild ! I hope that they play it out loud at the end of the week, on Friday night, and have a blast. Country music is about the people, and most people just want to have fun. ‘’Lookin like that’’ is the embodiment of that. Everybody can surely relate to the song in some way.

Kat: What can audiences expect from one of your live performances? 

Tommy: They will feel alive. My job, which I love, is to take people on a roller-coaster ride through music. Together, we can unwind and be real. Be ourselves. We’ll dance, sing our butts off, maybe cry and make memories together. Also, I’m all about old-school, down home, cozy feeling good ol’ country music. I hope people who are fans like me will enjoy the performance. Aside, people who listen to legends from the 70s, 80s and 90s know what they want to hear. I hope I can deliver it to them.

Kat: As you launch your career in music, what has been the biggest highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way? 

Tommy: One of the best moments of my life was Crooked Crow songwriters retreat in El Paso, TX three years ago. Four days in the desert, surrounded by amazing singer-songwriters who come together in a hidden paradise to enjoy each other, and, of course, the hot springs in the middle of the desert. For me, there is just something so special about songwriting, something so real and powerful. So far, nothing beats it. I have learnt that music is a gift, something that is lent, or handed down to us, that we must cherish, preserve and give back.

Kat: What’s next?

Tommy: Going on the road and meeting y’all ! I want to live my life to the fullest, and to do so I must meet new people, create with fellow artists and see our beautiful countries, north to south, east to west. You can expect a lot of new music coming soon (in a couple different languages, even !) and to find me at your local venue and radio.

Connect With Tommy Charles:

Facebook: /tommycharlesqc

Twitter: @TommyCharles_

Instagram: @tommycharlesmusic

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