7 Healthy Cocktails For Your Next Spring Get-Together


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In the spring, you want lighter drinks — both including a fruity taste and a healthier composition. Choosing healthy ingredients in spring is easy because so many fruits are in season. 

You’ll find these cocktails easy to make and refreshing to drink whether you’re hosting family or friends or just your significant other. Try them out to see which tastes best to you.

1. Green Tea Sangria

This sangria is great for your health and will keep a group entertained and coming back for more. Plus, it utilizes the sun’s heat to help mix the fruit, alcohol and green tea together. Green tea has some excellent health benefits. Consuming it can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and lower your high blood pressure. You’ll want to enjoy this drink cold, so it’s perfect for a warm spring day or even an early summer evening.

2. Lavender Lemon Sparkler

The lavender lemon sparkler cocktail is an interesting one that can add a flair of elegance to your spring get-together. The soda water helps keep this recipe light, and it’s super simple to make. Even an inexperienced home bartender will find the recipe effortless. 

In total, one of these drinks is under 300 calories, so it’s perfect for anyone in your group who is on a diet and still wants to have a drink. Allow your guests to enjoy the refreshing taste of lemon with a splash of lavender.

3. Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail

This recipe is perfect for raspberry lovers. These drinks can have more raspberry or peach, depending on your preference. It calls for either raspberry or peach liqueur, so you can take inventory to see what the crowd you’re hosting likes best. If it doesn’t have enough raspberry flavor for you, you can always add more for decoration.

4. Red Wine Spritzer

The red wine spritzer is so easy to make that you can create a whole batch in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is mix red wine with club soda. It’s a light drink that people can enjoy any time of the year, but it’s best served in the spring.

Red wine is great for everyone’s health. Many people know about the heart benefits people can drink from drinking a glass of wine each day, but they may not know about the anti-inflammatory or cancer-preventing properties. This delicious drink during a warm day is enough to keep you healthy and satisfied.

5. Cherry Blossom Cocktail

There are several different ways to make a cherry blossom cocktail, meaning that you can personalize it to each guest if you feel like making that many different drinks. If your group has ever seen cherry blossoms in real life, they’ll love this callback to the florals that bloom during spring. 

This recipe calls for cranberry juice and sake from Japan, where cherry blossoms originate. A dash of lime juice helps this recipe have an even balance of sweet and tart. It’s perfect for any group of people to celebrate the start of spring.

6. Honey Buzz Cocktail

What comes to mind when you think of spring? Flowers are in bloom everywhere, so you’re bound to see pollinators floating around. Bees are essential for human life, so the best way to acknowledge them when hosting a get-together is to involve the bees in your signature drink creation. This recipe will take you only five minutes to create, so it’s even perfect as a last-minute addition to a menu.

Unlike the others on this list, this recipe is made with warm ingredients. Honey is the main ingredient that stands out, which gives it the name. If you want to enjoy this recipe year-round, you can also substitute the gin with bourbon. Dissolving the honey is key to spreading the taste evenly throughout the recipe.

7. Lavender Rose Lemon Drop Cocktail

This recipe has another sweet and sour flavor blended perfectly into one beautiful drink. Lavender syrup and rose lemonade are your best friends when mixing this drink, and your end result should have a very slight purple tinge to it. This refreshing drink calls for florals as a garnish, but you don’t have to go that far — unless you want to impress your guests.

Many people use lavender to relax or even fall asleep, so this drink can be enjoyed after a long work day when getting together with friends. Just make sure that you have enough activities planned to keep everyone awake afterward. They’ll appreciate the light, refreshing drink that might also relieve them of some stress.

Fresh Spring Cocktails Are Great For Every Occasion

Whenever you plan a get-together in the spring, you want the refreshments to be light and befitting the season. These spring cocktails are delicious and packed with healthy doses of fruit or other all-natural ingredients. You’ll be the best host of any party all season with these delicious recipes you can surprise people with.

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