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Almost everyone has an entryway. Even if you don’t have a designated space in your home for an entryway, you can still have a table or a bench that people can rest at when they walk through the door. 

Creating a barrier between your front door and the rest of your home can give your guests an idea of what to expect from your space. Prioritizing your entryway is a great way to get a jumpstart on the interior decoration you’ve been procrastinating on since it’s such a small part of your home overall.

The Purpose Of An Entryway

Your entryway is the gateway to your home. It’s the first part of your interior that your guests see and your big opportunity to make a first impression and give them an idea of what the rest of your home looks like. 

You want to impress people from the moment they step through the door, so your entryway is one of the most critical places in your house from a styling standpoint. You want people to feel welcome when they enter your home, and if you have too much or not enough decor, some guests might feel confused.

You should take your time when trying to understand what looks good in your space. Sometimes, an entryway might just be a small table with a catch-all dish that can hold car keys, change and anything else that might come out of a person’s pocket. 

Other times, you might have more room and want to include shelves, a coat rack, cubbies for shoes and so much more. Your design depends entirely on how much room you have. Experiment with your space to find out what feels like “too much” and “not enough” to you.

5 Quick Tips to Make Your Entryway Shine

Even if style isn’t your strong suit, you still want to have a sparkling entryway that can invite your guests in after just one glance. You can create a winning entryway by blending a few different elements and adhering to a color palette. Try these tricks to spruce up your entryway and get it ready for anyone who comes through your front door.

1. Pick The Right Flooring

Remember that the entryway is what your guests will experience when first walking into your home. It will have to endure shoes of different toughness and anything that may potentially scratch up the floor. Consider finding something durable and on the cheaper end — that way, if you have to replace it at any point, you won’t hurt your wallet. 

If you go with a different flooring than the rest of your house, choose something that somewhat matches your home’s theme.

2. Add Something Beautiful

Your entryway space deserves something beautiful in it. You can create this piece of beauty in several different ways. You may want to create a vignette in your entryway with functionless decor, as that can sometimes be nice to look at when done well. 

You can also hang fine art. Since your entryway is an introduction to your home, hanging fine art from the very beginning can help your guests understand how regal your space is.

For a time, only the wealthy had mirrors, so they were expensive, ornate and added to the overall value of a space. Even now, many people only have mirrors in their bathrooms, so you can consider this addition an excellent upgrade to your entryway space. Mirrors serve a practical purpose here, too — you can check to make sure you look all right before heading out for a meaningful engagement.

3. Adhere To Long-Term Trends

Long-term trends are the only trends you may feel comfortable with years down the road. For example, the idea that an entryway needs to be spacious and subscribe to the essentials is a trend that will never go out of style because everyone values an uncluttered-looking home. 

You may also choose to paint your door a bright color from the inside, but make sure that the hue adheres to the rest of your interior design style. 

4. Choose Functional Decor

While you want your entryway to look great, you also have to have elements of functionality. That way, this space in your house won’t look cluttered with useless objects. You may opt for an entryway cubby that people can use to store their shoes, and you can put baskets in to hide some extra clutter. 

Another option is a glass item that looks classy and has a functional use, like a plant mister. When your decorations are as helpful as they are beautiful, you won’t feel guilty about them taking up space.

5. Light It Up

The lighting you choose for your entryway is also important. Consider finding a statement piece that looks ornate and provides enough illumination so you and your guests can see once you walk inside. 

When you live in a well-lit environment, you can feel less stress — which is precisely what you want when you plan to relax at home. Excellent lighting will also complement their fine art or mirror that you hung up in your space to give it a bit of flair. Your home may look like it came straight out of a magazine.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The entryway is the first thing a person sees when they enter your home. As such, it needs to reflect you as a host and a homeowner. Decorate it as you see fit, but remember that less is more. You don’t want to crowd your entryway, as it’s supposed to be an open place that can make people feel welcome. 

Take time styling this space — it’s essential. You can play around with different design elements and see what fits you most. Overall, stick with what you enjoy more than anything else.

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