8 Spring Fashion Trends For 2022


If you spent the better part of the pandemic at home — and who didn’t? —  you probably lived in oversized sweats and joggers, or perhaps cozy leggings were more your style. Either way, 2022 is here, which means it’s time to overhaul your wardrobe (just in time for spring).

Here are the hottest trends to try out as the sun finally emerges and temperatures rise. 

1. Low-Rise 

Love them or hate them, the low-rise jeans of the early 2000s have finally cycled back into mainstream fashion culture. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid is wearing them. 

Some designers have even made pants called thong jeans, which have the telltale straps sewn into the waistband. That way, you don’t have to show off your underwear if you don’t want to. 

2. Cutouts 

If you’re ready to show some skin but are uncomfortable in low-rise jeans, simply don a few outfits with strategically placed cutouts.

 Whether it’s a shirt with a keyhole in the back or a dress with side slits, clothes with cutouts are sure to add a sexy surprise to your outfit of the day. They’ll even let in the cool breeze during those warmer spring days — talk about functional.

3. Stacking Necklaces

Anyone who loves fashion and style knows that bling is just as important as your clothes — if not more so. Instantly elevate any outfit with rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Do you feel like shaking things up? 

Take a maximalist approach and stack two or three necklaces on top of each other. This look works best with blouses, shirts and dresses with a V neckline. Remember to stack them so the smallest pendant is at the top and the larger one hangs below it. 

4. Bright Colours 

Bold prints and bright colours are back for spring 2022. Whether you’re yearning for the music festivals of yesteryear or love anything retro ‘70s, you’re sure to enjoy this trend. 

Look for swimsuits with wavy, psychedelic prints or go for a miniskirt in lime green or hot pink. You can even match your tops and bottoms so long as both articles of clothing are small and more form-fitting. 

5. Leisurely Bottoms 

After enduring three years of pandemic life, it’s safe to say that leisurely bottoms are here to stay. Joggers, yoga pants and flared leggings are all the rage, and for good reason — they’re super comfy. 

You can even hit the town in them if you know how to style them. Pair a blazer with biker shorts or a form-fitting crop top with slouchy joggers to perfect the look and show off your style sense. 

6. Chains

Chains are one of the most versatile accessories you can add to your spring wardrobe — and they’re totally on-trend. They can be as casual or sophisticated as you need them to be when worn as necklaces. 

Mix and match metals with two-tone chains or wear a thick one as a statement piece. Some even come with diamond inlays, toggle pendants and other details to add visual interest and instantly elevate your outfit.

7. Platform Shoes

You likely noticed multiple celebrities in towering platform shoes if you were paying any attention to the latest round of awards shows. Even Justin Bieber got in on the fun by wearing platform Balenciaga crocs to the Grammys. 

If he can get away with wearing those ugly things on the red carpet, you can certainly show off some chunky platform heels, sneakers or flip-flops — the higher, the better.

8. Claw Clips 

You might wonder if a haircut is in order as temperatures rise. Your neck can get pretty sweaty, especially if you’re rocking a shag or mullet. Luckily, you don’t have to chop your mane to keep cool. 

Simply twirl your locks around your fingers and secure them with a stylish claw clip. It’s an effortless way to create a classic look that’s functional and fun. Prepare to get plenty of compliments on this must-have spring accessory. 

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