7 Fun Home Improvement Projects To Do With Your Partner


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Spring has sprung, which means warmer weather is just around the corner. If you’re in the mood to freshen up your space and infuse your home with good vibes, an improvement project might be just the thing for you. Team up with your significant other and do something fun together. 

It can be as simple as painting a bedroom wall or as extensive as building and filling your own window boxes. Whatever project you choose, you’re sure to learn something new about yourself and your partner as you work together to create something beautiful.

1. Install Outdoor Lighting 

Does your home all but disappear when night falls? It’s a good idea to add a few fixtures to your house and the surrounding area, whether you venture out in the evening or not. In addition to discouraging thieves, putting up a few lights is an excellent way to make your place feel warm, inviting and even romantic. 

Install solar-powered lanterns along garden pathways and sidewalks, hang string lights over the back patio, or install sconces along exterior walls to instantly set the mood. 

2. Hang Window Boxes 

Another fun but simple way to spruce up your home is to hang a few flower boxes on the windows. Build your own with a few basic tools and some wood planks. Then, capitalize on the warm spring weather and plant your favourite varieties so they’re in full bloom when summer arrives. 

Bright-coloured petunias are an excellent choice as they tend to mound and cascade over planters. Pansies and snapdragons also make wonderful additions, especially if you don’t mind having a repeat bloom in the fall. 

3. Build a Fire Pit

Cool spring evenings call for date nights on the back patio. Make the area even more romantic by building a custom fire pit. All you need are a few concrete pavers, gravel, sand, retaining wall blocks and a few simple tools to complete this project. 

Work together to plan a location and layout before breaking ground. Then, set about digging a hole, layering the blocks and adding pea gravel to the pit. Finish it in an afternoon and roast s’mores to celebrate your success. 

4. Paint the Garage Door 

If power tools and instructional videos aren’t your forte, try painting your garage door instead. This simple DIY only requires a bucket of paint and two paintbrushes — one for you and one for your boo. 

Consider your home’s colour scheme and pick a shade that complements the look as a whole. Many homeowners like to match their garage door with the trim colour so as not to upstage the main areas. Whatever hue you choose, remember to have fun and get a little messy. Paint fight, anyone?

5. Create an Accent Wall

Is the wall behind your bed dull and drab? Perhaps your entryway could use a boost. Why not jazz up these oft-overlooked areas by adding an accent wall? Give your home charm and character with shiplap, stenciled designs, a fresh coat of paint or even some wallpaper. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating an eye-catching accent, so let your creativity run wild. If you have the room for it, consider stonework or built-in bookcases to add beauty and value to your home. 

6. Paint Faux-Marble Countertops

Have your countertops seen better days? Maybe your partner likes to chop veggies without a cutting board — even though you’ve told them not to. Either way, your kitchen could probably use an update. 

Instead of breaking the bank on real marble countertops, try an easy and affordable all-in-one decorative painting kit. Just remember to complete a few practice runs to perfect the vein design. Otherwise, the finished product might look incohesive and fuel yet another fight over the kitchen counters. 

7. Add Mirrors to Closet Doors

If you’re still unsure about tackling a home improvement project with your partner, start with something simple — like adding mirrors to your closet doors. Make your bedroom feel bigger instantly with a few long, vertical mirrors. 

Pick up a couple of them for less than $10 at your local big-box store. Attach them to your wardrobe doors with construction adhesive and glue thin trim pieces to the glass to create a high-end, custom look. Easy as pie. 

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