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Flowers can bring any event together. The type of flower arrangement you choose will significantly depend on the season, type of event and your budget. However, when you put your trust in your Toronto florist — or yourself if you like to DIY — you can be sure that the arrangement will look great whether you want to spruce up your tables, make a statement or keep them subtle throughout the event space. 

A bouquet can make any space more inviting, and flower arrangements can offer a conversation starter for all of your guests. If you’re soon hosting an event, whether for the holiday season, a wedding or a personal celebration, you should consider adding flowers. 

Here are some creative flower arrangements for five types of event. 

1. Christmas Party

The Christmas season is lovely in Toronto. If you’re hosting a Christmas party for work, friends or family, you should consider adding a creative flower arrangement. Whether you make arrangements yourself or hire a florist, you can incorporate red, green and white. If you’re making it more of a winter wonderland, opt for blues and white. Fill a bowl with red roses and ferns, and add a few pinecones. You can even add cranberries as filler.  

2. Thanksgiving Dinner

When you think of Thanksgiving, you may not associate it with flowers. Thanksgiving may be all about the food, but you can wow your dinner guests with creative flower arrangements. Make use of the seasonal vegetables from a garden in your arrangements, too. You can add a few small pumpkins, flowers, pinecones and fall foliage to a cornucopia for a stand-out centerpiece at your Thanksgiving dinner! 

3. Corporate Event

Did you know that you can add meaning to the types of flowers you get for your flower arrangements when you host a corporate event? Corporate events are usually about setting goals or celebrating a team for their hard work and dedication to the company. Here are some flower types and what they stand for:

  • Violet: Violets stand for devotion and loyalty. These would be great if an employee sets a milestone of working for multiple years.
  • Hollyhock: If you want to celebrate your company’s ambition, choose hollyhocks!
  • Iris: The iris stands for wisdom. Maybe someone just made a significant decision to lead the company to new heights — choose an arrangement featuring irises.
  • Daffodil: Daffodils are for new beginnings, so these would be excellent for new hires or someone who just retired. 

You can even choose a flower arrangement with a combination of these flowers for your corporate event. 

4. Wedding Reception

Weddings are one of the most known occasions for flowers. Almost every couple opts to have flowers at their wedding for bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and elsewhere around the venue. Some of the most popular floral arrangements for weddings include hydrangeas, tulips, roses, peonies, anemones, orchids and dahlias. However, you can feel free to choose any floral arrangement to match your theme on your wedding day. 

For a fall wedding, you might opt for golden sunflowers mixed with marigolds. A winter wedding might include flower arrangements to match the snow with white roses and baby’s breath. If your wedding is in the summer, go for bold and bright flower arrangements that show off the fun colors of summer.   

5. Hanukkah Celebration

Popular Hanukkah celebration flowers include various shades of blue and white. The Israeli flag features both white and blue. White represents light, peace and purity, while the shade of blue is often associated with truth, faith, wisdom and the sky. Further, the colors are important in Judaism. The tallit, which is the prayer shawl, is usually made with white fabric, has black stripes and one blue string. For your Hanukkah celebration, pick white and blue flowers. 

How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Event

You can use some tricks to make sure you get the best flowers to make something creative for your next event. First, look at what’s in season. These are usually more affordable and on-trend. Then, consider your tone for your event. For example, if you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party, stay away from darker colors. 

You should also keep a budget. Flower arrangements can get pricey whether you do them yourself or purchase them from a local florist. Speaking of locals, you should buy your flowers locally in Toronto! If you have a flower farm nearby, you can pick your own flowers, adding a personal touch to your event. 

Finally, remember your audience. Some flowers may hold a cultural significance that could be either good or bad. Additionally, make sure no one is allergic to your flowers. 

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