Creating A Fun Table Setting For Your Next Holiday Tea Party: 10 Tips


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The holiday season is just around the corner. Soon, every street in downtown Toronto will be filled with lights, decorations and seasonal spirit. That means now is the perfect time to get your table-setting ideas ready for your holiday tea party.

Creating a fun table setting for your next gathering will be a breeze with these 10 tips. Get ready for a party to remember.

1. Pick & Stick To A Theme

Before creating your table setting for your next tea party, you need to choose a theme. This will make the rest of the process much easier. Whether it’s classic Christmas, holiday movies, red and white plaid, or a winter wonderland, pick one and stick to it. It will inform all the choices to follow.

2. Bring Out The Ornaments & Lights

Why purchase new decorations when you can use ones you already have? Usually, people don’t put out all their decorations, so use extra ornaments and lights to decorate your table. Place ornaments in a big transparent bowl to use as a centrepiece and string lights across the center of the table. Additionally, choose to set your table in a room with a view so you can open the windows and watch the snowfall. 

3. Use Seasonal Foliage

Another excellent tip for keeping your holiday tea party fun is by using seasonal foliage. You can gather and use natural elements like pinecones, coniferous tree branches and poinsettias to adorn your table and mix with your fanciest tea set. To make it more fun, ask some of your friends to come with you to gather the seasonal foliage.

4. Incorporate Holiday Colours

Would it be a holiday table setting if you didn’t incorporate some level of white, green or red? Although you can choose whatever colours you like, your guests will love your creativity in including a bit of Christmas in your table settings. 

5. Light Some Candles Or Fill The Air With Aromatics

The tea at your party will undoubtedly smell amazing, but you can enhance the overall scent with candles and other aromatics. Gather some inexpensive holiday-scented candles, like sugar cookie, cranberry, evergreen and cinnamon. You could skip the candles for your setting and opt for potpourri or essential oils.

6. Add Personal Touches

Guests love when you add personal touches for their place settings. Use gift tags, pinecones, dried fruits or even a sugar cookie decorated with their name. If you need assistance with personalization for your table setting, you can always ask a party planner.

7. Create Conversational Centrepieces

A centrepiece can truly bring a table of people together. One that wows a crowd can be a great conversation starter. Be sure it matches your theme. For example, if your theme is Christmas movies, your centrepiece could include DVD cases of classic films, and guests might begin reminiscing and telling others about their childhood favourites. 

8. Mix Patterns

Even though fashion often suggests not mixing patterns, you can certainly mix them for a holiday table setting. Choose a fun tablecloth, like one that is dotted with Christmas lights or has a plaid design. Use candy-cane striped placemats and lay out a table runner patterned with prancing reindeer. 

9. Fold Your Napkins Into Christmas Trees

If you want to get extremely festive, you can fold the napkins on your table setting into miniature Christmas trees. Find a tutorial online on how you can achieve the look. If that’s a bit too challenging, tie your napkins and silverware in a pretty Christmas ribbon and dig out your holiday tea sets.

10. Serve Holiday Teas

The star of your holiday table setting is the tea. The Christmas season offers plenty of great holiday flavours your guests will love. Choose decorative and fun teapots and label them with Christmas gift tags and ribbon. This will add colour and impact to your tabletop, adding to the festive feeling.

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