Planning A Backyard Makeover: 5 Points To Keep In Mind


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Home improvement projects are more common in the spring and summer months. But you can still complete plenty of renovations during winter when it isn’t completely frigid outside. Try one of these renovations to level up your space for the holidays. 

1. Build A Fire Pit

If you plan to sit outside at any point this winter, consider building a fire pit. Fire pits don’t take a lot of time and energy to put together, as long as everything is up to code. 

With winter temperatures in Canada sometimes falling into the negatives, a fire pit can be a nice reprieve from the chill. If you have family over for the holidays, you can stay up late and talk about memories and other plans for the season.

2. Create A Divide

Do you really want to spice up your backyard space and make it look professionally designed? Consider adding a patio, deck or another type of sitting area. Having a wood or concrete space on the side of your lawn can help divide it from the rest of the greenery and set it apart as a living space. 

A flower bed with the right mulch can accomplish the same effect. Mulch can keep your flowers and perennials insulated from the cold and hold moisture in so it doesn’t dry out in the cold weather. Certain flowers can also promote mental wellness, like chrysanthemums, which can improve your mood and lower your stress levels.

3. Plan For Extra Storage

Storing things in your backyard isn’t a good look. No matter what you choose to store, endless clutter doesn’t make for a cohesive space. If you have too many tools or other holiday decorations you need to keep, consider creating a shed that can fit your needs so you can store unwanted items without worry. 

By creating or choosing a shed that meets your requirements, you can ensure that it’s visually pleasing while hiding the clutter you don’t want others to see. 

4. Include Outdoor Furniture

Who said the only place you have to sit is indoors? When it warms up, you’ll likely want to invite all your friends over to hang out in your newly-decorated space. If you find a way to keep it warm, you might even have people over during the winter months. 

Just remember the two things that are most essential to having an exciting lawn party or hosting a family get-together for the holidays: good music and some comfortable outdoor furniture. Your guests will appreciate having somewhere to sit, especially if it’s around a fire pit and they have the chance to roast some snacks. It would make for an excellent opportunity to spend the holidays outdoors with the family.

5. Put In A Path

A path can help keep people on course when they venture into your backyard. It can add a flair to your landscaping and give guests something to step on when the rest of your lawn might be blanketed in snow or ice. Realize that any path might be slick in the winter, but if it’s warm enough, a path can help your guests avoid unwanted moisture.

If you want to pour concrete into a mould to create a path, make sure it isn’t too cold outside. Concrete doesn’t cure correctly in colder temperatures, so this project may be better left to the warmer months. Otherwise, you may opt to plant stepping stones in your yard. Stepping stones are often decorative and can blend seamlessly into the existing decor you have. What’s better is that you can place them at any time of the year without fearing that they’ll break.

Cultivate A Functional Yet Beautiful Backyard

Before you begin to decorate your backyard, make sure you’ve thoroughly winterized your home to keep it safe from possible water damage, burst pipes and more. Once you know that the inside of your home is safe, you can start to build a backyard you’d be proud of. Make sure to start with a vision that is realistic for the backyard you have. 

Once you know what you’re working toward, you can execute a plan and build the backyard of your dreams, one that’s perfect for holiday gatherings.

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