Molly Annelle Shares Thoughts On Latest Single “Dior”

Kat Harlton

Vancouver-raised songstress Molly Annelle, recently released her new single “Dior” on November 12 via 604 Records.  

At 18 years old, Molly recently relocated to Toronto and is armed with a mesmerizing voice that is well beyond her years and impossible to ignore. Thanks to a distinctive flair for bending language to fit melody, the young musician is ready to take the world by storm — combining the essence of R&B jams, Bossa Nova bops and Yé Yé girl pop that results in a tone all her own.

Molly’s journey is one that began at the tender age of five, when the Vancouver-based songstress penned her very first song — the uncannily entitled Obscure Bird. Four years later, at just nine-years-old, she was named Young Composer of the Year, writing four-part harmonies for the Vancouver Chamber Choir. Encouraged by family and teachers alike, the young musician found her voice in the kind of honest lyricism and devoted storytelling which has continued to set her apart.  It was also the kind of drive and ambition that happened to catch the attention of 604 Records’ Jonathan Simkin, resulting in Molly’s label debut, Winter Waves, a Christmas anthem which garnered almost 345,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Molly about her latest single, what she’s learned along the way, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your latest single “Dior”?

Molly: When Parker, Louise, and I wrote Dior, we were feeling very inspired by the lavish life we wished we lived. We were also very much in an early 2000s mood, and put ourselves in Paris Hilton’s shoes for the day.

Kat: What do you hope fans take from the track?

Molly: I hope fans can enjoy this track when they need a little pick me up. I know this time of year can be hard on some of us so I hope this song can bring a little brightness to the cold cloudy months.

Kat: What do you find is the most challenging part of your creative process?

Molly: The most challenging part of my process is articulating and accomplishing exactly what I hear in my head. I’m a huge perfectionist when it comes to my music so a big part of making tracks is getting them to meet my high standard.

Kat: What has been a career highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way?

Molly: It was a huge highlight getting signed to 604 Records a few years ago. I have learned so much from the incredible team of humble, talented, hard-working folks there. They inspire me to be a better person and artist.

Kat: What’s next?

Molly: Since moving out East from Vancouver to Toronto, I am trying to start performing again. I have met some amazing people here, who have taught me so much and expanded my music taste to great lengths, so expect a lot of growth in my upcoming tunes!

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