Mackenzie Leigh Meyer Talks Latest Single “Dial Tone”

Kat Harlton

Mackenzie Leigh Meyer recently released new single Dial Tonevia all streaming platforms. The catchy new track is a relatable tune about a guy who comes across as a self-centred, uninteresting, dial tone personality type. 

Since releasing her debut EP Dive Bar Diva in May 2018, Mackenzie has been getting industry nods for her unique style and enchanting vocals, while catching the attention of country music fans, including renowned producer Ken Scott (David Bowie, Supertramp) who commented “Watch out Carrie Underwood” after working with Meyer on her EP “Should Have Known”.

Her vibrant stage presence and dynamic live show has been wowing audiences on some of country music’s favourite stages such as Boots and Hearts, Havelock Jamboree, Lucknow’s Music in the Fields, and landed her a finalist spot in the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase and a CMA Ontario nominee hyperlink to the CMAO website for “Roots Artist of the Year” in 2019.

We had the opportunity to chat with Mackenzie about her new single, what she hopes fans connect with and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new single “Dial Tone”?

Mackenzie: We all know that a “dial tone” is the sound a phone makes before you start to dial a number. Don’t worry, this song is not about that lol. “Dial tone” is also a word to describe someone who is dull, boring, and dumb, ie) “John has all the personality of a dial tone”. The inspiration to write this song was from being stuck in a few conversations I wish I could have hung up on, so to say. 

Kat: What do you hope fans take from the new single?

Mackenzie: I hope fans find this song playful and funny. I think we’ve all been in situations where someone is boring you to death, or explaining something they clearly know nothing about, and all you can really do is smile, nod, and sit through it. “Dial Tone” is my take one what I’d love to say to those people but know I shouldn’t. If anything, I hope fans take a new insult with them into their own boring situations. 

Kat: What do you find is the most challenging part of your creative process?

Mackenzie: Something I find challenging about the creative process is deciding whether or not a song is good enough to release. I think as artists we get in our heads a lot about whether or not our art is “valid” and it can be challenging to believe in ourselves. I’m lucky to say that I have a lot of people in my corner I can run things by and get honest opinions out of. So, by the time I actually release the music, it’s something I’m proud to share.   

Kat: What has been a career highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way?

Mackenzie: A career highlight for me was getting to play in the Boots and Hearts Emerging Showcase in 2019. To this day it is still the most vibrant crowd I have ever played for. The folks at Boots really know how to throw a party!  Something I’ve learned along the way is that being an artist is a lot of work. As an indie artist, you wear a lot of hats; artist, producer, graphic designer, web designer, marketing specialist, etc. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But when you can see someone genuinely responding to music that you’ve created, it makes it all worth it. 

Kat: What’s next for you for the remainder of 2021?

Mackenzie: Right now there’s lots in the works! I’ve got a fun little music video planned for this song that will be coming out soon and currently I’m working an EP set to release next year. It’s been a while since I put out new music am I’m really excited to show fans what I’ve been working on.

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