How To Choose The Right Media Console


Choosing the right media console doesn’t have to be hard, it all comes down to a few basic steps. The main things to consider are the width of your television, the width of the wall and storage options.

Measure The Width Of Your Television

To create a balanced look, the console should be wider than your TV, extending past your TV on either side.

Measure The Width Of The Wall

Measure the width of the wall that the console will sit in front of. Leave at least 6 inches of floor space on either side (more if you have the room). If the console is adjacent to a door leave at least 12 inches of clearance for movement.

Consider Storage Options

Look for a console that offers plenty of clutter free storage. Measure your devices and media accessories to make sure they will fit in the drawers or shelves where to plan to keep them.

Design Tip

Place a few accessories (a stack of books, a plant or a lamp) on the console to soften the look and to help the TV blend into the rest of the room.

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