How To Add A Little More Excitement To Your Next Picnic


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There’s still plenty of time to enjoy alfresco dining before wintry winds make outdoor eating too uncomfortable. A picnic is a perfect activity for anything from date night to family reunions!

However, you want to do more than throw some cold chicken in a basket and head to the park. Here are six suggestions for how to add a little more excitement to your next picnic that will make it an affair to remember.

1. Showcase Your Paleo Skills

When was the last time you cooked over an open flame? Even if you consider yourself a proper grillmaster, barbecuing over a campfire is sure to test your mettle. You’ll impart incredible flavor to your meat from the direct smoke exposure.

Get your fire burning faster by bringing along some odorless briquettes that light in wet and windy conditions. Marinate your meat and consider using an injection gun to keep it tender over open flames. Please ensure you follow correct food safety guidelines for cooking temperature by including a meat thermometer in your picnic basket.

Nearly everything tastes better with smoky and woody flavors direct from the flames. Bring along tongs and shish kebab sticks to protect your hands — and for toasting dessert marshmallows!

2. Take It On The Road

You could contact your local parks and recreation department and rent a pavilion at the facility nearest to your home. However, you’ve probably spent much of the past several months staring at the same tired scenes. Why not satisfy your wanderlust a bit?

Choose a destination off the beaten path. You might even select one you have to use four-wheel drive to access. If so, ensure the slightest bump won’t bottom out your vehicle and cause damage. Alternatively, park along the road and hike to your secluded picnic oasis.

You can also let the time of day dictate your picnic soiree. Why not head to a spectacular overlook as the sun goes down to have your evening meal?

3. Bring The Fun And Games

You could lay back on your blanket and make animals out of cloud shapes. However, you can add more excitement by bringing some games along.

Get inventive. If you have room in your car, pack along classics like cornhole and bocce. Those ropes you used to tie down gear in your truck can double as obstacle course fodder. You don’t need any equipment to play timeless favorites like charades and two truths and a lie.

4. Get Wet

While summer’s long days keep temperatures high, why not take your picnic poolside? Many public facilities have ample grounds and tables for your meal.

You don’t have to have a pool membership to participate in this idea. Seek out a local swimming hole near you to cool down for free. Splash around behind a waterfall or explore a natural slide!

5. Add A Theme

A picnic is an event in itself. However, why not make it even more unique by adding a theme?

Maybe you and your companions are into the cosplay scene. Why not dress up as characters from “Lord of the Rings,” pausing for Second Breakfast on your way to Mt. Doom? Are sports more your thing? Why not throw a football-themed picnic, complete with tossing the pigskin around after your meal?

6. Make It Experiential

Experiential gifts are all the rage. More and more, people shun material things and seek happiness through adventure. Why not add an element of this idea to your picnic?

If you have a bad case of wanderlust after a year spent indoors, why not pin a map to a dartboard and let your throwing arm dictate where you go to dine? You can find parks in any city for your meal and plenty of quirky museums and other local points of interest to explore.

Alternatively, why not make your picnic part of a full day of self-care? Pack your yoga mat and straps and head off for a day of forest bathing, asanas, and tasty snacks amid the poplar trees.

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