Alex Angelo Talks New Single “I Don’t Mind”

Kat Harlton

Alex Angelo is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, DJ, and Dancer. Born in Florida, and growing up in Ohio, primarily Cleveland and Cincinnati, Angelo recalls his earliest musical motives were driven by his love for dance and djing. At the age of 7, Alex was dancing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the age of 10, he was Djing in the arena during games. Alex decided early on that he wanted to be the artist singing ON the records, not just playing and dancing to the music. Through his teens, Alex toured with Austin Mahone, Jake Miller, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony and self-released several songs that have totalled millions of listens/views on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Alex has been releasing songs every 3 weeks in 2020, after working with Grammy award winning artist, singer songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Alex and CVMRN teamed up to create the production on “I Don’t Mind”, a sultry – romantic tale of a budding relationship.

We had the opportunity to chat with Alex about his new single, taking advantage of opportunities when they come, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you share with us the inspiration behind your latest single “I Don’t Mind”? and why you teamed up with CVMRN For the track?

Alex: Interesting story on this one.  I actually wrote it a couple years back in LA. I was given a beat by a label and challenged to turn it around quickly. I bought a mic and recorded in my airbnb that night. I submitted, and it never ended up being put out.  I didn’t own the track, but I wrote the topline.  My buddy CVMRN has been grinding, and I told him about this song I had in a file.  I sent his way to see what he could work up, and he crushed it.  I re-recorded added some touches to things, and we have I Don’t Mind.  I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out. 

Kat: You’ve been releasing songs every 3 weeks in 2020, after working with Grammy award winning artist, singer songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Why every 3 weeks? How did you come up with that strategy? How have your fans reacted to new music every 3 weeks?

Alex: Well- I released nothing last year, but I was working non stop so I am sitting on a lot of music. I like putting stuff out.  I am blessed that I can create a song front to back (out of necessity). Make art, release art. If something is meant to happen, and some of my music hits for people, it will. You will never get traction on songs you don’t release.  So, I am having fun while experimenting with new sounds, and pushing myself to improve with every record. Music is kinda disposable right now. People are consuming things so fast. I am a new artist-  people don’t know me yet. I want people to find something they like, then go down the Alex Angelo rabbit hole, and find a nice pile of new music for them to enjoy. Regardless of when THEY hear it, it’s new music to them. I think my followers and friends are liking the release schedule. I don’t think I will do it forever. I make music, I release music. rinse, repeat.

Kat: Can you share with us some of your musical role models, or who you look to for inspiration?

Alex: Sure- I love Michael Jackson, Queen, Kanye, Childish Gambino, The 1975, Pharell to name a few. I tend to connect with artists that change things, experiment, and don’t put themselves in the box of only being a music artist. There are no rules here.

Kat: You’ve toured with Austin Mahone, Jake Miller, and Shawn Mendes (to name a few), what did you learn from those experiences? and what has been a highlight for you so far?

Alex: I was blessed to have those opportunities. I grew so much on those tours.  We end up connecting with people behind the scenes, and made some lifelong friends with those experiences. We watch everything. How do things work? How do people act? How to take advantage of every opportunity in different cities with new groups of people that have never heard of me? We would stay late every single night and chill outside the venue to meet as many people as possible. I have made so many long lasting friendships with my followers that way. I have reconnected with many of those people when I go back to their town. I talk to them online all the time. This is a relationship. I appreciate my supporters (friends) so much, so I would say the biggest highlight for me is just connecting with people over my music.  It’s a magical feeling, and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Kat: What’s next?

Alex: I have never been more focused. I just moved to Nashville, and I am planted among a community with other singers, songwriters, and producers.  I dig country music, but this town is definitely NOT just country. I feel like “pop music”  people from all over the country (a lot from LA) are moving here daily. It’s a great vibe, and the music we are making for me, and others is really dope.  I am in sessions almost daily working on MY new stuff, and also writing/producing for other artists.  I’m also working on college- and I moved here since everything with college has gone online.  So… online classes in the morning, then I hit the studio.  My music continues to grow, and we are collecting followers, friends, fans, and believers.

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