Dani Strong Talks New Album “Undefined”

Kat Harlton

Dani Strong is a powerful singer/songwriter who calls both BC and Ontario “home.” She recently released her second album “Undefined” produced by Grammy-nominated and JUNO Award-winning producer, Dan Brodbeck.

We had the opportunity to chat with Dani about “Undefined”, the album creation process and what’s next.

Kat: Can you share with us the inspiration behind your album “Undefined”? Was there a particular sound, or story you were trying to tell?

Dani: Well it’s precisely not one sound or story. That’s the inspiration behind the title Undefined. I just didn’t want to make any decisions that made this record better for “the industry” versus better for my long-time supporters.  I have SUPER loyal fans who have been on this ride with me for a long time and they deserve a good SOLID 13 songs with no filler!

Kat: What do you hope your fans take away from the album?

Dani: My goal as a writer is to give the listener something they can relate to, or lean on and I believe there is a lot of potential for that in this album for my listeners.

Kat: Was there anything intimidating or scary about the album creation process, and if so, how did you overcome those fears or anxieties?

Dani: Ha ha… YES! I’m putting out a record during a pandemic after over 3 years of working on it. It’s very nerve-wracking. I have put everything into this record and without the promise of being able to support it with a tour, it’s very scary. But I’m grateful that it debuted at #2 on the iTunes Charts and that people are REALLY liking it. I absolutely love getting feedback from my listeners and so far, this record has been connecting with a lot of people. THAT is why I do music!

Kat: Your single “Not Right Now” was featured in the film Hometown Holiday, and you’ve played the mainstage at Boots and Hearts (2017) and opened for Luke Bryan, Brett Eldredge, The Eli Young Band, The Road Hammers, Tom Cochrane, James Barker Band, Meghan Patrick, and Tebey. What has been a highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way?

Dani: I think playing on Mainstage at Boots and Hearts was a highlight mainly for the insane amount of adrenaline that the band and I felt on that stage! We were LOCKED IN on that performance and just soaked in every single moment! But also, winning best Album and Best Country Song at the international Independent Music Awards was a huge pat on the back for me as I’m such a huge advocate for independent music.

Kat: What’s next?

Dani: Touring as soon as possible. Starting out with small, intimate venues as COVID restrictions allow and growing when possible. All the while… still writing and recording and getting that 3rd record ready to go way faster than it took me to make this last one! Ha ha!

For more on Dani Strong visit: http://www.danistrong.com

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