5 Halloween Date Night Ideas For An Exciting Evening


With Halloween just days away, you might be struggling to plan the perfect spooky date for you and your significant other. After all, you only have so many options to choose from during the pandemic. Still, Toronto does have a few haunts and chilling attractions that promise fun, excitement and safety on Halloween night. Here are five ideas to inspire your ghoulish date night.

Connect With the Dead

If you and your date aren’t afraid to think outside the box and try something a little scary, attend a virtual seance. During this event, you’ll have the chance to connect with the dead and watch as others do the same right from the comfort of your own home. Illusionist Jaymes White will lead you and a few other brave souls through the chilling, interactive experience on Zoom. Don’t be surprised if you hear voices. Is a seance a bit too edgy for you? Find thrills and chills elsewhere by taking a ghost walk. While you may be more likely to see a ghost in person, you can also opt to participate in a haunted ghost drive-thru tour. Check with your local museum, park or historical society to inquire about potential ghost walks.

Visit a Haunted House or Maze

Are you really looking for a fright? Go to a haunted house. They’re exciting, completely terrifying and tend to reveal who truly wears the pants in the relationship. Will your date cower behind you when the creepy guy with the chainsaw comes knocking or will you be the one using your SO as a human shield? Visit a scream park or other haunted attraction to find out. Just prepare for the sarcasm and jokes if you end up acting like a scaredy-cat. If claustrophobia is the only fear you haven’t been able to conquer, try wandering through a haunted corn maze, instead. Since they’re open-air, mazes tend to be more COVID-19 friendly. Plus, you can run away if somebody pops out and scares you. Go in the evening for an especially creepy evening full of screams and fun.

Watch a Film at an Open-Air Cinema

As the pandemic drags on, the doors to many movie theaters remain closed. Of course, you could clean out your garage and set up a home theater. If you go this route, take extra care to clear out the space and organize things to avoid any mood-killing accidents. However, you might want to take your date somewhere else for movie night. After all, you probably spend most of your time inside these days. Why not get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn breeze? There are a handful of open-air cinemas in Toronto and most are screening all kinds of spooky movies this time of year. For example, 5 Drive-In is showing films like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus and Dawn of the Dead this week. All you have to do is drive up to the screen, park your car and cozy up. Bring lots of blankets and pillows to make your date night one neither of you will soon forget.

Check Out Some Jack-O-Lanterns

Whether you and your significant other celebrate Halloween religiously or simply enjoy fall traditions, odds are you both carved a pumpkin this year. Maybe you even had a competition to see who could make the spookiest jack-o-lantern. This activity makes for an excellent date night by itself. However, if you haven’t yet carved a gourd or need ideas for next year’s pumpkin carving, you should check out a pumpkin exhibit. Drive along a 2.5km route and feast your eyes on 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins and 100 sculptures at the Pumpkins After Dark Drive Thru. This event is COVID-19 safe and even features a guided audio tour so you can appreciate the carvings from the comfort of your own vehicle. Check out local event pages on social media and the like to find more jack-o-lanterns in your area.

Drink and Create

If you’re looking for something fun but a bit more chill, take some type of class together. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try painting but feel like you aren’t good enough. Take a Halloween-themed painting class together. If you want to impress your date with your kitchen skills, take a cooking class. Look for one that will let you make a favorite fall recipe. Then, you can perfect it for Thanksgiving and fool your family into thinking you’re a chef. Of course, most of these classes will likely involve adult beverages to keep things interesting. However, if you’d like to make booze the main event, you can always find a costume party or zombie bar crawl to attend. Are you looking to keep things a little classy without coming off as uptight?
Consider going on a booze cruise. The Toronto Halloween Boat Party is hosting one on October 30 that will sail around the Toronto Islands and feature DJ’s, singers, celebrities and musicians.

Having Fun Together

Obviously, you want your date to have just as much fun as you on Hallow’s eve. Yet, some spooky attractions or ideas may not be what your significant other had in mind. Discuss the evening and what your perfect spooky date looks like. Then, plan it together. This way, you’ll both have fun and fear won’t ruin the night for anyone.

Please check and adhere to all Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

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