Photos: Yorkville Murals Block Party-Yorkville, Toronto

Photos: Tiffany Shum

Toronto’s Yorkville Murals aims to be an annual three-day cultural event that celebrates contemporary muralism and public art. Through the creation of artistic murals inside the courtyard of 99 Yorkville Ave, and the implementation of cultural activations such as artist installations and movie screenings, this project focuses on making Yorkville a landmark in Toronto for contemporary muralism and an ultimate tourist destination.

The event featured a gallery opening presented by Christian Louboutin, live mural painting by Xray & Mateo,a live outdoor DJ with La Haute Society, outdoor sculptures by WIA, Laurence Vallieres, and KWEST, a light installation presented by OOG, art lounges by Sofia and Annex Hotel, artsy finger food, cocktails and more!

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