Frank Kadillac Of Neon Dreams Talks New Album “Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams” And His Vision For The Future

Kat Harlton

Neon Dreams spent their first few years pushing boundaries and experimenting with different musical styles. Despite racking up millions of streams, a gold single and accumulating an ever-growing fan base, something was missing. Neon Dreams needed to make a change, so frontman Frank Kadillac headed to a healing retreat in Sedona, Arizona, where he was encouraged to open up about his troubled childhood. The experience made Kadillac realize the power he holds as a songwriter, who has reached millions of listeners.

The duo’s debut album, Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams, finds Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris tweaking their sound to accommodate their newfound musical perspective. While their signature brand of energetic pop hasn’t dwindled, Kadillac’s lyrics have taken centre stage across the LP’s seven songs. Featuring the radio hit “High School Dropout,” an uplifting EDM-pop anthem detailing Kadillac’s struggle through adolescence, the album embarks on a journey to deliver a set that heals, empowers and motivates the listener. From the inspirational opener, “Life Without Fantasies,” through to the cathartic closure of the title track, Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams establishes a vibe that more than anything defines this second chapter of Neon Dreams.

We had the opportunity to chat with frontman Frank Kadillac and talk new album “Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams”, what he hopes fans connect with on the album and his vision for the future.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your debut album “Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams”? Was there a theme or a story you were trying to tell?

Frank: I was in a club listening to my friend DJ and I heard this song by the Mamas and Papas “California Dreaming” it was a pretty amazing remix and the hook was so hypnotizing I had to check this band out when I got home. So I did. And right when I heard their song “Dream a Little Dream of Me” three quarters of the way through I stopped the record. And was so amazed by the phrase “sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.” It’s what I’ve been wanting to say to my fan base for so long, they just gave me the words. If you’re going through bad times, keep the hope, keep the faith. Something good will come. The sun always rises.

Kat: How did the writing process differ for this album, compared to previous work?

Frank: At the beginning of the year I had a full album. I scrapped the whole thing. Then I got rid of my apartment and dedicated the rest of my year to traveling and learning new things. I got to visit Korea, Denmark, Germany and England. Where most these songs birthed out of. I’ve never done something like that before. My views on life and how I write songs have changed. Now that I’ve seen how people live in different parts of the world I have a better understanding. Every time I write now… I think will this help someone feel better and will I want to sing this forever.

Kat: How, if any did your childhood affect your music?

Frank: All great musicians take their emotions and transform them into beautiful records.

Kat: What kind of sound or vision do you have for Neon Dreams for the future?

Frank: It’s all about progression. I’m weird though… I let the universe decide these things for me. My friend taught me something about strong feelings. Think back to when you were a kid and the first time you got really excited. That’s the feeling you need to hold on to when creating.

Kat: What do you hope your fans take with them from this album?

Frank: For a majority of my childhood I felt so alone with my thoughts and emotions until I started listening to bands that spoke to me and everything I was feeling. I want to return the favour to the world of music. Let people know in case they don’t, that I feel what they may be going through and they are not alone.

Kat: Have you ever been given any advice that made an impact on you? or do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Frank: I failed high school and then I got through then I went to college and dropped out. I couldn’t learn like everyone else. So I decided to start teaching myself things I wanted to learn to pursue this dream I had. I met someone that changed my life with a few words. “Who do you listen too?” I wasn’t sure of what he was trying to say… then he said would you rather listen to someone that has done the things you want to do or someone that has never done the things you want to do. That was a big lesson for me.

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