Mike Ruby Talks Songwriting, Heartbreak And New Single “Close”

Kat Harlton

Pop artist Mike Ruby is set to release his latest single “Close” off his debut EP “You Wrote These Songs” on May 31st via all digital retailers. Working with multiple producers including Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino) Nicky Paul (St. Lucia) and fellow Canadians Ryan Stewart and Joel Stouffer, Ruby shares this album has a song for everybody. “Every song is about something particular, but something that everyone can relate to, and they’re important things. This album in particular, is about one those deep, special topics.”

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Ruby shares that “Close” is inspired by young love and heartbreak in New York City, “I was doing music here in Toronto, and I was dating someone, but then I got into this school I wanted to go to in New York and we broke up. Then when got back together when she got into the school of her choice in New York, but eventually it ended. It was one of those things where the relationship could have been end game, it could have actually been the one. Although now I’m super thankful that it wasn’t because it wasn’t the right relationship in hindsight, despite it being an amazing relationship. It’s one of those things you’re so thankful for, that you have those memories, but you’re also thankful that it didn’t go the way it could have. The song is kind of about questioning your decisions, and looking back and seeing that it was actually for the better. It also opens up that big bag of worms, of how many people are out there, that you could have that experience with.”

He began his career as a saxophonist after graduating from Manhattan School of Music and then toured with the band St Lucia, subsequently appearing on their second studio album. While opening for Ellie Goulding with the band, Mike fell in love with pop music and began wondering what life would be like at the front of the stage. He began self-teaching himself guitar, vocals, and the art of songwriting, which Ruby shares is a different process every time, “Maybe for every five that you write, one is a keeper. The writing process for me, is actually very different from song to song. Sometimes I start with music, whether that be a chord progression, or a guitar progression. Other times it comes from this huge book that I have of ideas and concepts. I have two books, I have a book with concepts and the other book is lyric lines, things that flow. Sometimes I’ll start from one of those concepts or music, sometimes I’ll start from somebody else’s story. A couple of the songs on the album are actually about other people, and I try to share their story in a way that’s fresh. I’m a big advocate that we’re all one, that we all share similar feelings.”

For more on Mike Ruby visit: http://mikeruby.com

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