Photos: If, But, What If?-The Bentway, Toronto-January 2019

Photos: Tiffany Shum

The Bentway’s Fall 2018 season and public art exhibition explores what could be, what perhaps should be, and what may never be within our ever-evolving city. Looking back, what disruptions have historically allowed for substantial changes to Toronto’s trajectory? Moving forward, what radical acts can contribute to an improved or unexpected future for the city’s people, places, and more?

The artists included in this multi-media exhibition explore Toronto’s past, present, and possible futures through a diverse set of projects that respond to the city’s built form, its natural resources, and its networks of infrastructure. Many of the projects transcend time as they weave together forms and traditions that are significant to Toronto’s ongoing evolution. Additionally, the artworks on view implore us to consider the way in which we commoditize our city and the visual and verbal language with which we choose to define our buildings and ourselves.

Using the open-ended tools of community conversation, collaborative incubation, and imaginative projection, the works in this exhibit behave like The Bentway itself. They identify possibilities and boldly pose alternatives to the accepted — or seemingly inevitable — future of Toronto as a growing metropolis.

If, But, What If?” includes works from Michael Awad (Toronto), Steven Beckly (Toronto), Wally Dion (Upstate New York / Haudenosaunee territory), Mani Mazinani and Sanaz Mazinani (Toronto and San Francisco), Alex McLeod (Toronto), Sans façon (Calgary), and Jon Sasaki (Toronto).

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