Exclusive: An Interview With Pop Artist Jenna Bennett

By: Kat Harlton
Lead Photo: Donovan Myburgh

Pop singer Jenna Bennett recently released her debut single ‘Priceless’. An intimate look into realizing truth, love and loss. A song that is close to the singer’s heart, “I wrote the song about not knowing a good thing until it’s gone, that’s kind of the idea I wanted to explore. I definitely wrote from a personal perspective, about someone in my life who was priceless.”

Produced by HARV (Sevyn Streeter, Brenda Mada, Justin Bieber) and recorded at 11th Street Studios in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Bennett cites pop stars like Taylor Swift as inspiration, “She’s a huge inspiration of mine, musically and lyrically. Definitely with her switch over to pop music, ever since the 1989 album, and I loved Reputation.”

Photo Credit: Donovan Myburgh

Bennett shares that growing up, music was about how it made you feel, “There were no rules in terms of who to listen too, it was very open. My mom listens to everyone, so that kind of left an open playing field for me. I didn’t really know about genres until I got older, it was just about if I liked the sound or song or not. I listened to a lot of reggae, a lot of pop music, Backstreet Boys, SClub. Now my music taste is across the board, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, The 1975, Lennon Stella, Coldplay, Drake obviously. It really helped my own sound to be able to listen to everything growing up and not have any boundaries.”

Bennett has won several songwriting competitions, including placing first in Centennial’s Got Talent in 2014, bringing her to Los Angeles for the BET Experience. She opened for Juno nominee Mia Martina in 2014 and Alx Veliz in 2017. Jenna had the opportunity to open for the Netherlands superstar and America’s Got Talent finalist, Glennis Grace in 2017 at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto and she was chosen as the Honey Jam ambassador to perform in Barbados in November 2017, something Bennett says changed her perspective, “I ended up winning the main prize that year, which was going to Barbados and performing at the Honey Jam concert. It was really cool to meet artists from a different country, and learning about all the things that they go through and realizing we have a lot of the same struggles. One of the things I really took with me when I came back home, was that it was such a small island and there weren’t a lot of artists. Everyone is really into helping each other and collaborating, which I find helps their projects take off, it really showed me how important it is.”

Photo Credit: Donovan Myburgh

As for advice? Bennett cites working hard and working together, “Do your research, YouTube is a great friend. Watch interviews, learn from other people. The number one thing is collaboration.” Bennett hopes to share more new music in 2019, and continue to build on her successes.

Want more? Head over to: www.jennabennettmusic.com

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