Exclusive: An Interview With Nica

By: Kat Harlton

New York-based rock singer-songwriter and pianist Nica recently released her debut album Bruised. 


When listening to Bruised, you enter Nica’s stream of consciousness depicting the chaotic nature of transitions, change, growth, and letting go. The heavy rock n’ roll backbeat drives the coming-of-age collection, allowing Nica’s lead vocal and upfront lyrics to soar against glistening harmonies.

The album was composed and executive-produced by Nica, with additional production and instrumentation provided by Jake Fineman.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Nica and discuss her inspiration, songwriting and social media.

Kat: Could you talk about the inspiration behind your debut album “Bruised”?

Nica: Pain was the driving force of Bruised. I was in the most vulnerable phase of my early twenties. Writing songs about my anxiety, and my bruised insides helped me understand myself better.

Kat: Could you speak about the songwriting process? How does a track normally start for you?

Nica: Emotion triggers a lyric, accompanied by melodies from my imagination. If I’m not close to a piano, I’ll sing into the voice memo app and come back to the idea ASAP. If I’m home with my piano, I’m usually there for a few hours, crying about what is inspiring the song, trying to find the chords I hear in my head and expanding the lyrics. I try to finish the entire song as fast as I can, so I can record a demo and do revisions/ add more instruments at another time. Taking breaks is helpful for the ears and brain.

Kat: Have you ever been given any advice career wise that has made an impact, or alternatively do you know have any advice for emerging artists?


Make eye contact
Leave the audience wanting more.
Karma is real.

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Kat: In a world where everyone is heavily on social media, how do you handle your online presence and potentially being seen as a role model?

Nica: I love social media. My online presence is an extension of myself. I have multiple accounts. @nica_music_official is my artist page that has solely become only about my music. I have another account @nicathevegan which is more personal to my lifestyle and beliefs.

Kat: What on your playlist?

Nica: I’ve honestly been on an NPR podcast flow. TedTalk Radio hour, Serial, This American Life, Invisibilia.

Kat: What’s next?

Nica: I am in the process of writing and recording new projects. I want to get more into music videos and film live in the studio sessions. I’d love to perform live more often. Soon!

To discover more Nica visithttps://punchbugrecords.com/nica

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