Exclusive: An Interview With Kendra Kay (2018)

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Kendra Kay recently released her brand new EP More To Me, co-produced by country star Terri Clark, with songs co-written by Meghan Patrick, Jessica Mitchell and Patricia Conroy.

The lead single from the project ‘Buy You A Drink‘ was Kendra’s first song to crack the Top 100 Canadian Country National Airplay Chart. Her second single ‘Fuel On The Fire‘, featuring 3 x Juno nominee Don Amero also cracked the Top 100.

Kendra recently wrapped up her summer tour and played the CFL Banjo Bowl Halftime Show to over 33,000 screaming fans.

She is currently nominated for the Manitoba Country Music Awards (MCMA) including:
‘Single of the Year’ (Buy You A Drink),
‘Female Artist of the Year’
‘Fan’s Choice Award’.

We had the opportunity to chat with Kendra about co-writing, her relationship with Terri Clark and her second single “Fuel On Fire”.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new EP “More To Me”?
Kendra: The biggest inspiration behind this EP was me really “finding myself”. The last body of work I put out was a little over 4 years ago, I was 17 years old when I recorded it and I really didn’t know who I was as an artist, I barely knew who I was as a person then. So, looking back on that project, although I am very proud of it, It wasn’t as true to myself as an artist as who I would have wanted it to be. So within the song searches and recording for this EP, I found who I am as an artist and to be able to say that is a huge accomplishment for me.

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Kat: Many of your songs were co-written by some of country music’s favorite female artists such as Meghan Patrick, Jessica Mitchell and Patricia Conroy. What was that process like?
Kendra: It is such an honour to have so many strong industry names attached to my project. I’m very fortunate to have such strong supporters standing behind me and guiding me through the ins and out of the industry. It also means a lot to see that the women in the industry are looking out for each other!

Kat: You’re EP was co-produced by Terri Clark, can you speak a little on your relationship and what it means to you, to work with someone of her caliber?
Kendra: Working with Terri Clark was one of the most memorable career moments for me. I have always been a fan of hers, she was even my very first live concert I ever went to as a little girl. So to have her wisdom in the studio guiding me along, really was amazing. I consider myself quite lucky to have someone like her supporting me!

Kat: You’re nominated for multiple Manitoba Country Music Awards, what does that mean to you?
Kendra: It’s always such an amazing feeling to be recognized for the hard work we’ve done throughout the year. I am super blessed to have the local Manitoba support, there is a lot of talent in the country music scene in Manitoba so to have this recognition means the world to me!

Kat: Your second single ‘Fuel On The Fire’, features 3 x Juno nominee Don Amero, what was it like working with him? How did he come to work with you on this track?
Kendra: It was a breeze working with Don! He’s such a genuine guy with such raw talent! When putting this project all together, I knew I wanted to have a feature artist join me on a song and my fellow Manitoba guy, Don Amero, was one of the first people that came to mind! We worked in the studio with Murray Pulver who just totally understood what I was looking for with this track and made it even more awesome than I could have hoped!

Kat: What’s next?
Kendra: The next “big” thing for me coming up is the Manitoba Country Music Awards where I am lucky enough to get to announce that I will be closing out the Awards show with a performance with Patricia Conroy!

And of course, lots of shows and radio visits promoting the new single and new EP as well!

For more on Kendra Kay visit: http://www.kendrakaymusic.com

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