Exclusive: An Interview With Pop Artist Schyler London

By: Kat Harlton

Schyler London has had a passion for singing since she was young, now she’s sharing that passion with her debut album Love Rebellion. Featuring 7 tracks inspired by the evolution of insecurity, love, empowerment and communication, Love Rebellion is her quest to leave a positive, beautiful mark on the world, a message she desperately wants to spread.”For me, growing up I was very insecure, I had a lot of issues with eating, and thinking that I had to be what everyone else was. I try to share the message that you don’t have to wear makeup to be pretty. To me, I think people are most beautiful when they’re in their pajamas’s, fresh out of the shower, hair wet. I want to get that message out there so bad, especially to young girls. It’s so hard on them now.”

London Cover2_Updated

So London dug deep and created track Beautiful her most personal song from the album. “It’s based on a lot of real events that have happened in my life, and a lot of real emotions and things I’ve had to deal with. The message is to not worry about what anyone thinks of you and just be yourself. You’re fine the way you are, someone will come and love that, and the people that come into your life and don’t, they aren’t meant to be there.”

So who does London turn to for reminders to love yourself?  Strong, female role models. “I really look up to Rihanna, love her. I think she’s beautiful, I love her music, and most of all I love her as a person, she’s very strong, she knows what she wants, and I like that from the beginning of her career she made sure that she didn’t want to be known as a role model, she just wants to be herself. I thought that was really cool of her, just to put that out there, because further in her career she might change, and she didn’t want that to be a huge thing. She’s been a real inspiration for me, her style, her clothing, everything.”

As London continues to grow and push herself both personally and creatively she hopes her fan base will too “Engrave it in your head that what society shows you is not the only thing that’s beautiful. That’s one look that they are shining a light on and that’s not the only option, that’s not what makes you beautiful. To me, what’s beautiful is your personality, and how you treat other people. You really have to find it in yourself.”

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